10 Things You Didn’t Know About Me & How I Lift My Spirits

Happy Monday! I think today’s theme is a great way to kick off the week, right? I mean, honestly getting to know one another a little better or better yet finding out about some of our particular idiosyncrasies makes for fun reading!

1. I have zero spatial reasoning. Not a problem except when I have to park the car or something like that – I’m terrible at it.
2. Because I know that parking is an issue I always park far away in parking lots. This drives my kids crazy but it’s safer for everyone involved, ha!
3. I am a minivan driving momma and have been for 20 years! My first minivan was a 1999 Honda Odyssey and my second  a 2008 Honda Odyssey. I am still driving my 2008 but in the spring I get a new car. Anything I want! Whaaaat? I’m so used to driving my minivan (which btw I LOVE) that I’m not really sure where to begin. Sometimes people are surprised when they hear I drive a minivan. Let me tell you that driving a minivan does not make you frumpy (that’s one thing I have NEVER been called) and my self worth isn’t wrapped up in my vehicle. This comes from a woman who drove nothing but sports cars before – I had two Camaros, a Trans Am, and sporty little Saturn prior to the minivans!
4. I feel strongly that toilet paper must roll from the top, ya know what I mean? If I come to your house and it’s not rolling that way I may just change it for you because I know you’ll agree that it makes sense and life is so much better when the toilet paper rolls the right way!
5. I am not shy but I often feel completely alone at parties. Smaller groups are more my thing because I crave real conversation. I have come to realize this about myself and accept it making it easier to say no to certain social events.
6. I have a fear of bridges. It’s not so paralyzing that I cannot cross them but I feel anxious for sure. I imagine if we plunged into the water how we’d get out of the car. When the boys were young I would imagine cutting the straps to their car seats (as a matter of fact my dad gave me a special tool just for this). It’s crazy and one of the reasons I’m not sure I could ever live at the beach.
7. I am a horrible swimmer. I literally failed swim lessons the two times my parents enrolled me. My mom doesn’t swim and we really never went much as kids (crazy since I grew up here). I just hated putting my head under the water. My husband finally helped me when I entered a sprint triathlon (when I was 41) that included a half mile swim in a lake. I did it but even now when I swim my laps I swim with my head above the water. This is probably makes my #6 much easier to understand!
8. I worked for Weight Watchers for 15 years and had the best time! One of the last years I won Leader of the Year and I never saw it coming! In fact I was speechless when I got on stage, I had no idea. My favorite part of that job was my members, many of whom I connected with so deeply and watching them make major lifestyle changes was amazing! BTW, I gained over 60 pounds the two times I was pregnant, so yeah I had weight to lose!
9. I met my husband when our best friends got married. He had flown in from PA to be a groomsman and I was a bridesmaid. We were married two years later!
10. I received my Master’s Degree from Rollins College in Winter Park, FL. Guess who else graduated from Rollins College? Fred Rogers. Yep, Mr. Rogers! Not the same year as me, lol!!!

So let’s get to part 2 of the post because apparently I have ALL THE WORDS today! I often think of sharing things I do in different situations. Not because I believe I am an expert but more as a way to open a dialogue. Thursday and Friday seemed a little difficult for me work wise. What started on Thursday carried over to Friday morning and I was just feeling defeated. Anyhow, when that happens here’s what I do to snap out of it and stay in control.

1. I step away. Yep, I excuse myself from the situation to calm down and entertain the notion that maybe not everyone is out to get me! Ha!
2. I try to make my environment pleasing. I keep things neat and clean and clutter free. I light a candle and tell Alexa to play Jazz.
3. I get dressed and put my make up on! This comes from when I was growing up and having a mother who always said (even when I was home sick) to get up and get ready for the day. It’s easy to fall into a trap of self-pity otherwise.
4. I pray. Non-stop. I actually do it all the time but when things are rough or getting to me I pray very specifically for understanding and peace.
5. I reach out and try to talk to friends, make plans to do something fun – anything to get my mind off the troubling situation.
6. What I don’t do – count my blessings. Listen I know that seems strange but when I’m feeling bad the last thing I need is a serving of guilt. It doesn’t usually help it only adds to the problem. Instead I try to count my blessings every day – I live a happy and full life and I want to be aware of that all the time. Think about it and pretend you have just received horrible news about your health. Maybe it’s a cancer diagnosis but your prognosis is good. You may still feel down. Will it help to here that someone else has terminal cancer? Probably not. We are all entitled to our feelings.
Here’s what I wore on Friday when I decided Operation Lift My Spirits and Don’t Let the Crazy People Get Me Down had to be launched! My favorite color, shorts I haven’t worn yet this summer, my favorite jewelry, and of course my metallic wedges that never let me down! What do you do to lift your spirits? Do you have a favorite color that just feels good on?
You can shop similar pieces here that I think will lift your spirits too!

I believe this is the end of all the words for today! How about joining The Blended Blog on Wednesday for our new Fall Fashion Frenzy? We have some great prompts!

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