Friday Favorites July 23

Happy Friday, friends! Today’s not just any Friday, tonight the Olympics kick off! Will you be watching? I’m not a glued-to-the-tv-watching-every-game kinda gal but I may watch the opening ceremony. Favorite #1 As much as… View Post

Friday Favorites July 16

This is the Friday Favorites that almost wasn’t. No reason in particular, just couldn’t quite find the words. Some days, weeks, and even months are like that. When that kind of “funk” strikes me, I… View Post

Friday Favorites, Hello July!

A Friday welcoming in a long weekend is the best kind, right? For my US friends, the 4th of July celebrations are kicking off big time and so are the sales. But before we get… View Post

Friday Favorites – Back from Vacay!

I’m fresh off the plane from Nashville, TN and plan to slowly re-enter the reality called every day life. While I left a piece of my heart in Brentwood, he is coming home tonight! Yep,… View Post

Friday Favorites June 18

Hey y’all! I am so happy to be saying Happy Friday – the weeks are just whizzing by this year. Maybe that’s because there seems to be so much excitement in the air as we… View Post

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