Friday Favorites September 10

Happy Friday, friends! I’m so happy you are here. Today I thought it would be fun to share some “solutions” as a theme for this week’s favorites. Ask any blogger and she’ll probably tell you that throughout the week we’re making mental notes of things to include in a favorites post. I often find myself trying to group things into a theme if I can and then end up omitting some things that were on my mind. So today is kind of a catch-all and you’ll find this list of favorites is a little all-over-the-place, not unlike my thinking on most days!

Let me preface this also by saying that I have had the privilege to work with small business that I really enjoy and while I am pleased to share their products with you, I do get a small commission. But that is not why I am sharing these items with you. The products I am sharing today are ones I first purchased on my own and then received an offer to share a code with my community.

Solution #1 Fun and Unique Accessories

Gibby’s Frillery just launched all new patterns and colors for fall. The best news is that all the ribbon and head scarves are fun prints and patterns in vibrant colors! I think this is the best way to add personality to an outfit. The ribbon scarves have been re-designed and are now much longer allowing even more styling possibilities. At the same time, the headscarves are now shorter. I just love the headscarves from Gibby’s! They are fully adjustable and stay put – no bobby pins required!

Solution #2 Half Tees

Especially this time of year when the in-between weather has you unsure what to wear comfortably, a Half Tee is the answer! My first purchase was the cap sleeve half tee and I have added this one and this one in black. Since it’s still so hot in FL, layering a full tee is not desirable. A Half Tee provides the needed coverage while eliminating extra bulk. Use my code to save 20% KELLYANN20

Solution #3 Sheecsocks

I cannot even begin to tell you how many times I’ve ended up with blisters because my shoes rubbed against my skin even while I was wearing a no-show sock. So many socks don’t stay put despite the claims that they will. Then there are no-show socks that are cute too high and do in fact, show. Enter Sheecsocks. I am so glad I ordered a pair because they are the real deal. With so many different styles to choose from there is in fact a solution for each of your needs.

Sheecsocks are available for women AND men. I wear them all the time with booties and with sneakers. I love the Active X High Cut to wear with my sneakers. They literally have a solution for all of your shoe needs and they are so reasonably priced. You can check out the whole line here.

Solution #4 Block Heel Booties

While not from a small business, these block heel booties are a solution if you are looking for a comfortable and affordable option. I do like these block heel booties from Nordstrom but not the price. This affordable option provides the style and comfort at a fraction of the price. Tip – wear Sheecsocks with your booties!

Boots || Sweater Vest || Plaid Shirt

Solution #5 Moto Jacket

Again, not from a small business at all, but this moto jacket really is a solution for those of you considering adding a new jacket to your wardrobe. I shared it on IG on Wednesday as part of a Walmart Wednesday group I am part of. This jacket is so good – it looks much more expensive than it’s $40 price tag. I bought it to compare to the jacket I purchased last year during the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale and I can say with 100% honesty, I like the Walmart one better.

Jacket || Coated Denim || Sneakers

That wraps it up for this week’s edition of Friday Favorites, I hope you enjoyed it. It feels wrong to end this post without mentioning the 9/11 20th Anniversary that happens to be tomorrow. Our world forever changed that day and I can still remember the feelings I had that day. Even though that tragedy occurred on American soil, how the entire world travels has changed. I am sad when I think of how freely we use to fly and move about the airport. As a child we would walk right up to the gate to get my grandmother when she’d fly in to see us. I was so excited! That has all changed. So, no matter what you’re doing this weekend, I hope you’ll find a moment to pause and remember because I know I will never forget.

On top of one of the towers in 1995

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