Ladies Over 50 Often Shy Away From Selfies, But Here’s Why You Don’t Need To

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While as many as 82% of US adults between the ages of 18-34 openly admit to sharing pictures of themselves online, just 44% of individuals aged 54 and older say the same. That’s a drop of almost half across just twenty years, and it’s an area that, as society becomes increasingly intolerant with regards to what natural aging looks like, could undeniably benefit from an overhaul.

Unfortunately, fear rather than a supposed lack of technological know-how means that, despite wanting to do more online in 50% of cases, those of us past the crest of the big 5-0 most often fall into the ‘reluctant selfie category’. Here, we consider just three pressing reasons why you, and your followers, could benefit by breaking away from that norm. 

# 1 – Culture is crying out for change

Representation of female bodies has overgone extreme shifts in recent years thanks to ‘makeup-less selfies’ and other trends. Unfortunately, there are still significant gaps for improvement in terms of the representation of women over 50. In fact, many are crying out for older women to become the ‘new’ selfie generation, highlighting the need to document an otherwise invisible age group in an online environment that, too often, feels like it doesn’t have space. Given that as many as 50% of adults between the ages of 50-64 use some form of social media, this representation is especially crucial for wellbeing, connection, and generally not feeling left out in the cold. 

# 2 – You look better than you ever have

Off the back of social media comparisons, in particular, young girls are increasingly insecure about their bodies. By comparison, as many as 71% of women between 50-64 report feeling comfortable with their appearance. This is because, with years of experience comes an understanding of what looks good, the irrelevance of many appearance-based insecurities, and even the transformative power of both makeup and cosmetic additions like good skincare or dermaplaning treatment. Taken together, all of these experience-based benefits can ensure, if not flawless selfies (though skincare treatments can certainly get close), then at least selfies that send a clear and beautiful message about what it means to truly embrace appearances, whatever those might be.

Unsplash Image: CC0 License

# 3 – You deserve to feel good

All else aside, the simple reality is that you deserve to feel good just as much as that stick-thin twenty-something model does. As such, whether you’re taking solo selfies in the mirror or are out with your selfie stick and family by your side, capturing moments that include you can be an amazing way to store memories, and feel great while doing it. Whether you later laugh about your goofy face in that action selfie or admire your self-styling prowess in that bedroom mirror special, you certainly shouldn’t feel as though, just because you’re older, you can’t also have your moment in the spotlight. After all, beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and it’s past time that the world beheld a more mature outlook on a regular basis! 


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