Gift Giving: 3 Ways To Get It Right

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Many of us have been the recipient of a gift we didn’t want, and we may have given gifts that were unwanted too. It can be rather embarrassing to see the look on somebody’s face when they are clearly underwhelmed by the gift we have given them. While they might mask their true feelings, we know deep inside that we have disappointed them.

So, how can we get gift-giving right? Is it really as difficult as it might sometimes seem?

Well, here are a few suggestions we hope you find useful.

#1: Solve one of the recipient’s problems

While gift-giving is about adding a positive to a person’s life, it can also be about removing a negative. In essence, it is possible to solve a problem the recipient has through the gift you give to them. Such as? Well, let’s suppose you have a friend who is always complaining about being bored. You could buy them something that will let them have more fun in their lives, such as a Netflix subscription or a video game. Or consider a friend who is tired of their neverending household chores. You could buy them a robot vacuum cleaner or hire a cleaning service on their behalf. These are just a couple of examples, but you get the point. 

#2: Find out what the recipient is into

Don’t second-guess what the person might be into as you might buy them something totally inappropriate. A box of chocolates would be wrong for a person following a strict diet plan, for example, even if they do have the occasional diet cheat days. You need to do your homework, and this might mean asking the people closest to them or delving into the recipient’s social media pages. After picking up a few clues, try to ascertain what they might have already, and then try to fill in any gaps with your gift. You should keep the receipt, of course, just in case you do overlap with something they already own.

#3: Give them what they want

If you still want to offer some element of surprise, you could always ask them for a link to their Amazon wishlist. You could then pick something accordingly and gift it to them. Consider the same for any other website that allows shared wishlists. You can also share wishlists using the Elfster app, and there are plenty of gift exchange websites online that offer the same. Or simply ask the person what they want. Yes, it will rule out the element of surprise, especially if they don’t provide you with a series of options, but at least you won’t give them something they definitely don’t want!


Say ‘no’ to bad gift giving! If you make mistakes or put little effort into the process, you may one day get a terrible gift in return. Try to get it right every time, perhaps by using our suggestions. A happier face is better than a disappointed face, and we are talking about your expression as well as that of the recipient! Leave us a comment below if you have any further suggestions.


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