Are You Making These Fashion and Self -Styling Mistakes?

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If you are reading this, it is safe to assume that you care about your appearance – as you should. Unfortunately, in the quest to look good, many people look, well, not so good, making several styling and fashion mistakes. Are you one of those people? Are you happy about the way you style yourself? Find out if you’re making the following fashion mistakes. 

  1. Following trends blindly

Do you just go where the wave of fashion blows? Is your wardrobe collection only filled with clothes and designs you’ve seen so many people wear online or on tv? Then you’re already making a mistake. One of the most important factors to looking good is feeling good, and that means wearing clothes you like – not clothes that everyone else is wearing. Designs and styles are not meant for everyone, which means the fact it looks good on someone else does not mean it will look just as good on you. 

  1. Not paying attention to your physical attributes

While you’re looking for the fashion elements you like, don’t forget to consider your physical appearance – your size, body shape, skin color tone, and any other unique physical attribute you may have. That will help you choose fashion elements that fit, complement your appearance, and enhance your special physical features. Regarding size, your clothes should fit properly. You should also opt for colors you love and ones that compliment your skin tone.

  1. Experiment

While it’s a good idea to go with what you love, don’t be afraid to experiment. After all, many of the fashion trends you see lately result from experimenting with various design elements. Today, people have more freedom to try out varying color combos and themes, accessories, etc. Oversized clothing has become a new trend in the modern fashion world. 

So, take your time to find what works for you. That may require experimenting with so many options before finding the perfect personal style, but it sure will be worth the effort. 

  1. Doing too much with your accessories

Large dangling earrings paired with a statement necklace (or several), rings, bracelets, a fringe bag, a belt – all these could be too much for one outfit and even distracting. Try keeping your accessories chic and simple. Also, take the time to shop for accessories that complement your skin color and dressing instead of creating a distraction. For example, if you love jewelry, Brilliant Earth has a collection of stunning pieces to match any fashion sense.

  1. Worrying about the “fashion police”

The world is not a perfect place, humans are not perfect, and neither is fashion. The last thing you want to do is allow the ‘fashion police’ and critics to dictate how you should look. Not everyone would like what you wear, so worrying about other people’s opinions will only hold you back and make you uncomfortable when out and about. The most important thing is to appreciate yourself, be positive, and strangle the fear of looking good enough.


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