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The confetti has been cleaned up, the Christmas decorations have been boxed up and the new year is well under way. It seems safe to say that no one makes resolutions anymore – everyone wants to live their best life and that involves setting goals. I set goals all year long for different reasons yet the new year offers a fresh start and quite possibly time to reflect. Today over at The Blended Blog our topic is Fresh Starts and Resolutions, I shared some useful tips for setting realistic goals and ways to achieve them, go here to see what I had to say.#Goals

For the most part I have been silent on this space about my plans and I have not chosen a word of the year – that seems to be the very trendy, hip thing to do! And why not? I’m all for the betterment of people and if choosing a word that guides your actions and thoughts does that then go for it! Write it down, make it your mantra, ask yourself how your actions are related to your word. In my opinion that’s how your word of the year will serve you best! If I chose just one word for myself it would be GRACE. Hmmmm…sounds like I just chose my WOTY!

Here’s why: my dad will die this year. I am tearing up as I type this but it’s true. These last months with him have been the biggest and best gift my family has ever been given (well besides my brother’s cancer being cured).  I know some ugly and painful times lie ahead and I hope to meet each and every one with GRACE.  I hope it’s GRACE that I extend not only to myself but to those around me. I won’t let the semantics get in the way – GRACE – whether it’s my WOTY or my ultimate goal – is a priority for me in 2019.

Now I love a good list. Heck I even write things down I’ve already done during the day just to celebrate checking them off and seeing what a bad a$$ I am! But when I got my new 2019 planner (and boy was that a chore, finding just the right one for me) I was all set to write down all my goals. But something was blocking me and that was the situation with my dad.  I felt like putting my life on hold because I’m not sure what the future will bring. I found it impossible to schedule anything more than a week out because I don’t know what the future will bring. The truth is none of us knows what the future will bring and that’s where faith enters the picture. Finding myself at a crossroads I decided to hand this over to God and let Him help me move forward by faith. Now I am at a place of acceptance – as much as I can be anyway – that this is life right now and I must move forward and I granted myself GRACE to do that.

So here’s the breakdown of what I will be working on this year:

    • I will use my planner and possibly a blank notebook to jot down thoughts and ideas. I was so inspired by my precious friend Leslie who wrote a great post called Keeping Me Together – and it reminded me to make those daily lists in my blank notebook rather than on all the sticky notes I usually use!
    • Thanks to Netflix, I am now completely obsessed with Marie Kondo and tidying up. I have her book and read it two years ago. But seeing this little dynamo in action is something else! I am working throughout the house and am practicing the art of folding all the things her way!
    • I am still trying to figure out blog goals for myself. In 2018 I had the pleasure of working with some terrific companies and I got a boat load of free products. That was certainly fun but now that I have had that experience I have learned what I will do and won’t do. So I am saying no to quite a few and that feels good.
    • This year I will learn to use the tripod on my camera and take some of my own photos – my camera is not remote control capable so I’ll be jumping in and out of photos. My biggest fear is knocking the tripod and camera over because I am so clumsy. I may surround the camera in bubble wrap just in case. #notkidding
    • I will up my Instagram game. I will post in stories regularly once I meet up with Chrissy again so she can show me the ropes. Bless her heart she tried in Nashville but I need another lesson.
    • I have already signed up to attend my first blogging conference EVER and I cannot wait.  It is literally in my backyard – less than 5 miles from my home – so there were no excuses. Chrissy and Kim are coming too!
    • I will do more “Dressing Room” posts this year – I’ll shoot for one a month.
    • I am committing to buying fewer books this year and will use the library more frequently. My library has home delivery but that means I’ll need to be more patient. The most popular books are not always available for immediate delivery. I’ll learn to be okay with that.
    • I will renew my Mental Health License in March. Every two years it must be renewed. Even though I do not practice mental health counseling at the moment I will NEVER let my license expire. I have been licensed since 1997 and that was a lot of work. Plus someday I may go into private practice, who knows? Anyhow, I will earn my CEUs and renew by March.

#GoalsThat’s my focus in 2019. Of course throughout the year I’ll be adding more goals as well as the steps I need to take to get there. It’s worth mentioning that setting realistic goals that have personal value are the ones we are most likely to achieve. That’s why you won’t see me committing to shopping my closet more or buying fewer clothes. I applaud others and encourage them if that is where they want to focus their attention this year but it’s not for me.

Finally, I say the very best thing you can do for yourself – and I am doing it too – is to write a letter to your future self. Maybe it will be a letter you open on December 31 or another date you decide on, it’s up to you. But why not write yourself a letter and talk about all your hopes, dreams, and goals and imagine how your life will be different? When you write it down and take ownership of your goals and intentions you see the value in them and that further cements your commitment.

I wish you, each and every one of you, the very best in 2019. I hope this is the year you live your best life. There will be struggles. There will be surprises – good and bad – but don’t let those things keep you from doing what your heart desires. You can do it and I can to. Let’s cheer one another on!

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