Easter Weekend Wrap Up

Gosh it’s been forever since I’ve done a weekend wrap up! Lately life has been a bit hectic with upcoming graduation, National Volleyball Tournament, and of course, Easter. For many, the weekend was a long one but not for me as I did work on Good Friday. Let’s get to it, shall we?


Friday started out with me missing my morning bootcamp class. I did not sleep well so I cancelled my reservation. As much as I hate doing that, I have allowed myself some grace in this department and it feels good. I worked, ran a few errands, and invited our best friends over for dinner and games.

I did not snap any photos of our meal but it was good. I made taco stuffed peppers, couscous, and quinoa. For dessert I made a super simple banana cream pie. If you have not tried it yet – mix one box of sugar free pudding mix with 2 ready to drink protein shakes (Premier protein will work but I buy the Walmart brand). Simply whisk and pour in a pie crust and wait 5-10 minutes. Enjoy!


It felt so good to sleep in a bit! I started the day with my quiet time and reading my devotional (I love it by the way). Then worked on responding to blog comments before heading out to try on some clothes at Old Navy. It had been a sweet forever since I’d stopped in the store. They had some great sales going on and I did like a few things but I bought nothing.

I wore this dress shopping on Saturday!

I really liked the two dresses I tried. Especially the pink one. The white one had a tie in the back but I could not reach it – crazy. Maybe it’s my age and dexterity but that was a major negative for me; I don’t want to require assistance getting dressed.

Saturday night we had plans with another set of best friends that we don’t see nearly enough. We had dinner and then went to see Stars on Ice. What a show! I wore my Target dress and it was just perfect – comfortable and pretty – such a good purchase. You might remember seeing that dress here.

Easter Sunday

My sister hosted Easter dinner. I brought roasted brussel sprouts and pineapple dressing. Well, we call it pineapple dressing but it’s just a delicious concoction of pineapple, crushed Ritz crackers, cheese, butter, sugar and flour. So. Good.

No surprise here – I wore my teal slip dress. I brought my white denim jacket for when the A/C got too cold. I’ve been wearing my Vionic sandals non-stop – they help so much with my heel pain (Plantar’s Fasciitis). They really make a difference!

After lunch we came home to relax and it felt so good! I was able to finish this blog post and get ready for the week. Our son and his volleyball team are flying home from Phoenix and we are picking them (all 10 of them) up from the airport at 1am Monday morning. So, I’m sure I’ll feel like a zombie but we wouldn’t have it any other way!

I hope you had a great weekend! Thanks so much for stopping by today, it means the world to me to have you visit!

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