Friday Favorites November 19

Welcome to another edition of Friday Favorites! It’s hard to believe next Friday is Black Friday. I feel that way for a number of reasons – I feel like we have been inundated with Black Friday deals for at least a month and I am just about over it already – how about you? Certainly I enjoy shopping and grabbing great deals but I don’t want to buy into the hype and pressure of the season.

Favorite #1

Favorite #1 happened last weekend as we enjoyed a few days in Boston. I had never been before and really enjoyed this beautiful, history-rich city. My mouth was gaping open as we encountered beautiful landscape – leaves, buildings, hills, alleys, everything looked so different than my hometown. While I have lived in FL since the age of 6, my heart belongs to the northern states.

We arrived Thursday night and checked into our Air BNB (The Copley House) and then walked around the corner to dinner at Giacomo’s. It was absolutely delicious!

Friday was rainy and chilly but we managed to have a great day despite the weather. We did a hop on hop off bus tour, ate lunch at Quincy Market, and visited the Boston Tea Party Museum/Experience, and the Cheers bar.

The highlight of the entire trip for me was Friday night. We met my friend Ann and her husband for dinner. We talked all night long and felt as though we’d known one another for years! Ann and I became friends on IG and the bonus was that our husbands hit it off too!

Saturday was clear and cold! I finally got to wear my shacket which made me all kinds of happy! We walked miles and miles exploring the city and then we had booked a tour of the Freedom Trail. Honestly I would have preferred to forego the tour and walk the trail ourselves.

Loads of exploring, delicious food and lots of walking in the beautiful fall weather – I was in heaven! The weekend came to an end all too soon when we had to fly home early Sunday morning.

Favorite #2

Favorite #2 has to be my packing cubes. They really helped us on our trip. I bought my husband his own set as a gift a few years ago and at the time I don’t think he realized how useful they’d be. But the two of us shared one suitcase on this trip and packed it full thanks to the cubes. Magical! And yes, they would make a great gift!

Favorite #3

Favorite #3 is this friend of mine, Cathie from Cathie’s Closet agreed to appear here on the blog with me to share holiday styles. I hope you enjoyed it too. I am drawn to real women, no facades, no fakery and that’s what Cathie is! If I wanted to see perfectly filtered, air brushed women sharing fashion I’d read a magazine – blogs and social media provide an opportunity to see real women in real fashion and that’s what inspires me.

Favorite #4

I had to include these new jeans in this week’s favorites. For under $15 – yes, you read that right, they are a must buy! Eerily similar to my favorites from Loft – that are sadly not available in all sizes – these give the exact same look for a fraction of the price. They are from the junior’s section so adjust your size accordingly. They were in my Walmart Super Store and are also available online. I love the fit and the chewed hem – the shorter, cropped version allows you to show off your cute shoes or boots!

Loft Printed Blouse + Walmart Denim + Gucci Belt + Black Booties 
#falloutfit #denim #kickcropdenim
Earrings || Blouse (30% off) || Denim || Booties || Belt

Favorite #5

I have to end this list of favorites by saying that my favorite boys in all the land are headed home soon and that is DEFINITELY a favorite! Nolan flies in tomorrow morning from Nashville and Collin drives in from Gainesville next week – possibly Sunday night but maybe Tuesday night – he has jury duty.

I hope your weekend is full of wonderful experiences and that it is restful, especially as we head into a very busy holiday season. Family gatherings can be stressful and not always as pleasant as we’d like them to be – so if you are in the midst of any kind of difficulty please know I am praying for you. I’m a firm believer that love always wins so I hope that hurt feelings can be put aside and forgiveness can flow freely.

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