Friday Favorites July 9

It’s Friday again and this week has been a blur. I suppose the 4th of July on Sunday had something to do with that followed by Tropical Storm Elsa rearing her head in Central Florida – yep, what a week! Per usual, I have been keeping a list of things that have caught my eye to share with you. Let’s get to it!

Favorite #1

For years I have been wanting to turn my old sorority t-shirts into a quilt and I finally did! Not by my own hand – thank goodness; I used Project Repat (not an affiliate link) and could not be happier. I have looked into having this done in the past but it was too expensive in my opinion.

I had been storing these t-shirts for years (I graduated in 1990 – yikes) and while I didn’t have all of them, I had enough. In fact I had too many for the smallest size but not quite enough for the next size up. So I added a few t-shirts from half marathons I had run as well as a t-shirt my son designed for his elementary school’s 5K.

In case you or someone you know would enjoy a quilt like this, I thought I’d let you know. The turn around time was just a few weeks and the price was right!

Favorite #2

While in Target last week I bought this wood floor cleaner. It smells soooooo good – I am a total sucker for anything almond. Its so easy to use, just squirt and mop. My husband even commented on how clean the house smelled and needless to say I am obsessed

Favorite #3

I have fallen hard on chinoiserie, specifically the blue and white vases and ginger jars. They are rather expensive so I am always on the hunt when I am out and about. I have had great luck at Homegoods and At Home. Amazon has some pieces as well – are you a fan?

Favorite #4

Last week I ordered two new tops from Loft. I am so happy with them both! The chambray top with the magenta embroidery reminds me of the HTML line (pricey) but at Loft sale prices. You’ll see more of it next week along with the other sweet top I bought. Lisa has this top in olive but I wasn’t aware of just how good it was until I saw it in person. I thought that it was a t-shirt material but it’s not. It’s actually more like a thin sweater – very tight knit. The eyelet detail is so sweet. I am ordered a small in both!

Favorite #5

Sometimes I buy things and have no idea just how useful they’ll be. Last Thursday I spilled boiling water down my left side – well actually on my chest. I have had a hard time wearing a bra and thank goodness for this dress and this jumpsuit. I’ve been wearing them all week.


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