Holiday Wrap Up

Good morning friends, it’s been a minute hasn’t it? I took an unexpected blogging break and it felt so good. I know there were at least a few contributed content posts published, but I haven’t sat down to write in awhile. I enjoyed the time away and feel ready to come back with some new ideas and plans. Today I’ll share what we did over the holidays and then share what I see happening in this space in 2022.

Holiday Wrap Up

We had high hopes of a great holiday season this year. For the most part those plans came to fruition but some adjustments had to be made – darn you Covid. Our yearly get together with our family and close friends (that have become our adopted family) had to be canceled. That was the first time in 20 years we were not able to get together.

The best part was having both of my sons home. They’ll be leaving soon. Nolan flies back to Nashville on Tuesday and Collin will be headed back to Gainesville before classes resume on Wednesday. We enjoyed some dinners out and went to the Van Gogh exhibit minus the friends that were supposed to join us. Their whole family ended up with Covid just days after Christmas (we were with them Christmas Eve and somehow managed to stay healthy).

If you’re interested, here’s a look at some of the highlights of the 2021 holiday season:

Each year we build gingerbread houses with our besties and then go look at Christmas lights. We’ve included our niece Gabriella and she loves it!

Christmas Eve traditions! Singing Christmas carols and all the kids getting their pajamas from my mom.

I did not take a single photo Christmas morning, I can hardly believe it! But the boys slept until 11am and then we had breakfast and opened presents. It was really wonderful! Later that day we went over to my sister’s house for dinner, presents, and we learned to play poker!

Thursday night we went to Boxi Park in Lake Nona. The whole place is made from repurposed shipping containers and features food truck style dining in a cool atmosphere with live music.

We spent New Year’s Eve like we always do – at our best friends home (where we also made Gingerbread houses). We had lots of yummy food and played Scattergories and Farkle. After we watched the ball drop we headed home. The only picture I have I took once we got home – of what I wore! Ha!

New Year’s Day found us showing Nolan downtown Winter Garden. It’s such a cute area! We had lunch and walked around a bit. The weather has been so warm it feels like spring!

Blogging Plans for 2022

There are days I thoroughly enjoy blogging and other days I feel like a big, fat zero. With absolutely nothing to contribute. This “business” has changed so much just like everything else. It seemed so easy and has become much more complicated and involved then I ever dreamed. Of course, this is all voluntary. I can choose to stay in my lane, write content and post photos and get on with my life. But that is not how I am built.

Instagram has taken on a life all its own and seems a necessary evil. The trend to publish reels is REAL! Why bother? Well, without doing the work you cannot reap the rewards. Anyone who monetizes their blog has to be mindful of the trends and what it takes to grow. If I am doing any of this work then of course I want to grow. But this must be tempered with my real life.

Honestly? I am LAZY. Yes, lazy. I work full time and the blogging/influencer business can become full time work. I don’t see that it ever ends and I am not here for it. Finding my balance is the real struggle for me and not comparing what I do to what others do is the real lesson here. I don’t ever see myself replacing my salary with influencer income – quite simply, I am not that creative and never will be. I know my strengths and struggles. Reminding myself of this is a practice I need to engage in each day.

Some may take issue with me calling myself lazy but it’s true. I am not all about the hustle, hustle, hustle. At the end of my work day I enjoy reading or watching TV when what I SHOULD be doing is learning how to do reels on IG or actually filming them. It’s a daunting task to me. Eventually I’ll get there but I’m usually a little late to the game. About the time I figure out how to film a good reel something else will be all the rage. A day late and a dollar short, that’s me!

In 2021, you saw may posts marked *contributed content on this site. I enjoy doing my own writing but last year I was contacted by a publishing company. They pay me to post their contributions and as long as I like the article I publish. That may not fit with everyone’s business plan but since I am the CEO, CFO, and everything else around here I do it. Quite honestly it’s the easiest money I make and it helps fund this business. Blogging is not free for me, the yearly costs to keep this baby going continue to escalate.

The plan for 2022 will be to publish posts I write three days a week – Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday. Every once in awhile I may pop on another day but that’s the plan right now. I thank you so much for reading and visiting this space of mine, it really means the world to me.


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