Friday Favorites – I’m in Nashville

Happy Friday, friends! I’m extra excited today because I’m waking up in Nashville. Thanking my lucky stars that my son is moving here in a few months and our trip to apartment hunt lined up with Lisa’s visit. That makes the best Friday favorite of all!

Favorite #1

First of all THANK YOU to each and every one of you who offered up prayers for my brother and family along with the well wishes. I am so pleased to say that the surgery went well! He will have a long road to recovery but the first hurdle is done! I am forever grateful!

Favorite #2

I have two beauty faves to share. After hearing about this mascara for some time now I grabbed it myself. It really is pretty fabulous and the price cannot be beat. Have you tried it yet?

On Friday, Dawn shared how much she like this BB cream. I decided to give it a try and I really like it! The coverage is good and it feels great on – not too heavy and it wore well. I ordered it in the color medium.

Favorite #3

New boots, I know another pair! Lets not keep count, okay? I’m telling myself that my boot game needed a refresh this year. Even though I recently added these combat boots, and these pointed toe booties, I still had room for one more pair! These rounded toe, platform style booties are so comfortable. The brand is b.o.c. (big on comfort) and I can attest, they are comfortable!

Flannel || Henley || Best Black Skinnies || Booties

Favorite #4

My poncho. In fact, it was the subject of my post on Wednesday. I packed it for this weekend too – it’s so versatile I know it will come in handy!

Poncho + denim + leopard booties

Favorite #5

I found this on Instagram and it gave me such comfort! Not someone who loses it often or gets bogged down with worry, but I still appreciate having something to meditate on in times of stress. My brother’s surgery was certainly that. Maybe you’ll find comfort in this as well!

I’ll be taking Monday off from the blog. We return from Nashville on Sunday and once we do, we’ll be getting our master bedroom ready for a big closet renovation that begins on Monday! There will be lots to do!

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