Friday Favorites #8

Friday you handsome fella, I’ve been looking for you all week! Do y’all feel that way too? Even though it was a short week I still love Fridays and with them all the hope and anticipation of a fun weekend ahead.

Favorite #1 this week goes to Target. I stopped in last Saturday to see if I could find all the goodies in person that I had seen online. I didn’t have much luck finding the items I am stalking online but I did find some other fabulous pieces that were too good not to share. Check out this skirt. I am absolutely in love with it. Sheer perfection! I am wearing a size 4 so I’d say it runs true to size. It’s cotton but sturdy and the ruffle detail is beyond cute. It’s perfect to wear to work with a blouse but can also be worn with a tee or tank and sandals. I had to buy this!

I tried on this top with this amazing skirt. It’s from the Who What Wear line and I’m wearing a size small. It’s a great top!
Favorite #2 Speaking of Target I ordered this necklace. I am loving it! The length is perfect and the color is unusual! This is from the SUGARFIX by BaubleBar line. I am also loving this beauty, I mean hey pearls are fabulous with everything!

Favorite #3 This handbag I bought last year is back in stock! Grab it now friends, you will love it! The color is just beautiful and the size is just right. I carried mine all last Winter, Spring, and Summer. It’s such a good dupe for this much pricier Chloe version! Get it here for under $70! Here’s a picture from last year, I rarely include handbags in my photos:

Favorite #4 By now you’ve all heard about the Valentine’s Day massacre at the high school in South Florida. It’s sickening and heartbreaking and leaves us wondering how we address this problem so we never have something like this happen again. You can read my thoughts here. It felt good to get it off my chest and that’s what makes it a favorite. Trust me there is nothing good about children and teachers dying but I hope to plant the seed that we need to address the social emotional issues that plague our children. It goes beyond gun control and keeping guns off our school campuses – if these individuals are still mentally unstable they’ll release their anger and hatred in other venues. Let’s stop the violence period.

Favorite #5 is my favorite high school senior, my son Collin. I shared his college acceptance a few weeks ago. This week we were fortunate enough to attend his last State Robotics Competition. Last year his school went to the World Vex Competition in Kentucky, this year they didn’t fare as well. Honestly I was relieved because this boy of mine has been getting home from school around 10 each night. After school he has volleyball practice and then heads straight to robotics. I am proud of the work he did as well as his level of dedication. The same boy who cannot remember to put his clothes in the dryer once they’ve been washed has no trouble at all designing and implementing the development of the robot as well as writing code. Did I mention his full load of AP and Honors classes and the fact that he hasn’t made a B in years? I think his last B was middle school, isn’t that crazy? I’m not sure about you but my high school experience was very different. So yup, he’s a favorite of mine this week (and always).

So here’s hoping your weekend is filled with all the goodness and promise of a blessed life. The only plans I have include shopping with my bestie Windy for a special birthday present on Saturday and church on Sunday.

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