The Best Sweater Dress for Warm Climates

Hey friends, I’m baaaaaack! Although I hadn’t necessarily planned it, the break was a good one. I hope each and every one of you had a wonderful holiday and that you are in a good place for the new year. I won’t be sharing a word of the year nor do I set resolutions; however, I am totally in support of those who do! So if you have areas in your life you’d like to improve or focus on please know I am in your corner and cheering you on!

Something else to cheer about is the perfect ‘sweater dress’ for those of us living in warm climates. Allow me to take a few liberties with the term ‘sweater dress’ as this fabulous dress is not necessarily sweater material but it sure looks like it is. If you live in the south as I do then you are familiar with wearing lightweight versions of fall and winter pieces – this dress fits the bill. Speaking of fit, I am wearing the dress in a size small.

Dress || Similar Boots

It’s a stunner both coming and going – take a look at the side slit in the front and the gorgeous button detail in the back! Makes me want to wear my hair up just so those beauties can be appreciated.

The puff sleeves are on trend and so flattering in creating that hour glass figure – even if you weren’t necessarily born with one! We knew what we were doing in the 80’s with shoulder pads, just sayin’.

A New Day Black Sweater Dress
Dress || Similar Boots

I wanted to go with an all black look so my first foray with this dress called for my black sock boots. They are sleek and sexy, don’t you think? Speaking of sexy, I appreciate a sultry, sexy look that involves no skin like this one. Completely covered and tasteful yet no sign of frump – winner!

Dress || Similar Boots

No need for jewelry although a basic black dress can be accessorized in so many fun ways. I just kept it simple here. Let me stress that this dress is well made, thick enough that you don’t see every bump and bulge (thank you holiday indulgences!) but not thick enough to cause heat stroke. A moto jacket could easily be added if an extra layer of warmth was required.

So yes, the perfect ‘sweater dress’ for those of us in warm climates has been found. This one will work well into spring, no sweating required!

Thanks for stopping by today, see you again tomorrow with my Amazon purchases from December!

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