Friday Favorites #76 – Prime Purchases for June

Here we are at the last Friday of June and suddenly it feels like summer is slipping away! But let’s not waste time and energy mourning the end, let’s enjoy TODAY! And today is a fab Friday – with the 4th of July holiday next week many of us are on VACATION!!!! Let’s get right to it with the favorites, shall we?

These favorites have one thing in common- they are all Amazon purchases. I’ll be linking up next week with Tanya from The Other Side of the Road.

First up let’s talk about Father’s Day and what I got for my husband. You have probably gathered by now he is the complete opposite of me – very low maintenance and could not care less about fashion. Also? The man has not gained any weight in the 27 years we’ve been together so his clothes literally last a lifetime. I wanted to update his pants and found these chino’s. They are under $22 and the fit is terrific. I’ll be replacing all of his pants very soon.

When our older son had his tonsils out the doctor recommended we buy a pill crusher (it was a lifesaver). This pill crusher worked like a charm! I highly recommend for anyone who has difficulty swallowing big pills!

I know I’ve mentioned it before but these earrings are marvelous! Seriously where can you get 4 pair of on-trend earrings for under $13?

Decorating my tiered tray has been a fun activity and for summer I decided to do a pink flamingo theme. I ordered this mini for my Nora Fleming serving dish. I plan to use this one for the 4th of July!Nora Fleming Mini Flamingo

I was so happy when Fonda shared these odor eliminators for the garbage disposal. The fresh, lemony scent is so nice and they are easy to use!Plink Odor Eliminator

Often I have trouble sleeping but lately I have found that adding lavender to my diffuser seems to help me fall asleep. Have you ever tried it?

This next one is so cool! Have you ever used a stainless steel ring palette when you’re applying your make up? I watched a make up application video on YouTube and saw this! I had to have it – very cool for mixing make up shades or adding a little moisturizer to your foundation. It’s something I never knew I needed!

Stainless Steel Palette Ring

I mix my foundation and Charlotte Tilbury Flawless Filter this way!

I can hardly wrap up my favorites without mentioning my favorite moment of the week! I was thrilled to get to meet IRL Carrie from Curly Crafty Mom! Her precious family shared her with me and I was so grateful!Curly Crafty Mom

Have the best weekend friends and before you go remember, Monday is a special Red, White, Blue and You link up hosted by me and 5 of my best blogging buddies! I hope you’ll join us!

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