Friday Favorites #6

Another week with 5 posts?  Who am I? Apparently someone with a lot to say who thinks others want to hear it – ha! Since this is the Friday before Valentine’s Day my favorites have to do with love – people and things I love.  Here we go!

    1. #1 While cleaning out a desk drawer I found some handmade Valentine’s cards from my boys.  Nolan even made me a necklace, I remember he attached a tag to it that said, “Every kiss begins with K”. I’m hoping you’re familiar with that commercial for Kay Jewelers.  Anyhow, I’ve kept the necklace all these years and it remains one of my most prized possessions.

    1. Collin made me this card 11 years ago! So hard to believe he’s graduating this year!

    1. So handmade cards and gifts from my boys are my favorites!

#2 My second favorite has to do with passion, not the kind you’re thinking of but the kind of passion that drives you, ya know? Well one of my very favorite people in the world found her passion some years ago through the PTA. Since then she has become a major advocate for all children and has worked hours and hours lobbying on their behalf. This work is free mind you and the personal cost to her and her family is great. This passion has driven her to spend weeks on end in Tallahassee knockin on doors and gettin’ in the faces of our lawmakers to fight for education. I am incredibly proud of her. She has just kicked off her campaign for Orange County School Board member, District 1.  We need someone with this passion on our school board!
#3 Yesterday I took the day off to go on a field trip with Collin. As I mentioned above he is a senior this year so there won’t be anymore field trips for me to attend with him. This was extra sweet for me, I love this boy of mine! We visited the Sanford Police Dept. (yes, THE Sanford Police Dept. associated with George Zimmerman and Trayvon Martin) to get up close and personal with their CSI Unit. Very interesting and totally not like the show – no cute clothes, no hair and make up done to perfection. He actually let me take a few photos – including a selfie! Total mom win in my book!
Favorite #4 for me is the kindness of others. It may sound cliche but in my opinion there just isn’t enough of it so when I experience it my heart sings. I am headed to a Women’s Retreat at my church on Saturday, due to the kindness of one woman who really went out of her way to make me feel welcome. Normally I shy away from these kinds of things because I don’t have a group of women at church that I’m close to. Sometimes these things can be a little clique-y and that’s not my jam. I’m grateful to this woman, her name is Amy, who took the time to talk to me after service last Sunday. It reminds me to do the same and pay it forward.
#5 Okay,time for the superficial. Almost two weeks ago I got my nails dipped because Lisa talked about loving hers so much. I’m not one for manicures because I really can’t stand sitting there and having my nails done. I’m so impatient! But I love having pretty nails so I went for it. Will I keep it up? Nope. I’m too cheap. It was $30 before the tip and my nails grow fast but I’ll definitely do it every once in awhile!

I hope you have a wonderful weekend no matter what your plans include. If you’re planning on shopping, I recently ordered a few things from Old Navy I’ll be sharing with you next week. I got this gingham shirt because it is so stinkin cute with that heart on it! I also ordered this top in 2 colors and love it! I could hardly say no to this sweet striped cardi. I love Old Navy long cardis and of course their denim!
If you haven’t already heard Loft just launched their plus size line – it’s about time!! I love this dress and this dress!

As always I thank you for stopping by and I look forward to having you back on Monday! Keep it kind and stay true to you!

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