Friday Favorites #43

This was a banner week for those of us in central Florida – we had weather that was slightly more seasonable and for the first time in a long time we didn’t hit the high 90’s! I’d love it to be even cooler but I’ll take it – beggars can’t be choosers, right? This little nod to fall that Mother Nature has blessed us with has slightly influenced my favorites this week!

Favorite #1 – I was waaaaaay overdue for a pedicure and finally remedied that situation on Sunday. I chose a fall color although I have no idea what the name of it is – it is OPI. The sticker with the name on it was removed – boo! However, that inspired me to change up my nail color a little. On Monday while making my Target run I snagged this nail polish – the color is Adrenaline Crush. I really like it! It’s a little sparkly and has some pretty tones. Side note: I have super oily nail beds and have a very hard time keeping nail polish on. Right now this is my favorite trio for pretty nails!#FallNailColor

Favorite #2 – My sweet mom came down with a cold this week. She’s trying to care for my dad and not get him sick on top of his lung disease. Confession: I have never made a batch of homemade chicken soup! My mother swears by it and if one of us is sick she wastes no time whipping up a batch. I wanted to do something for her so I did what I always do. I asked Lisa! Ha! She directed me to Food Network and just like that I found the perfect one. By perfect one I mean one that looks like it will be tasty, does not have strange and expensive ingredients, and does not take a sweet forever to make. Let me tell you, I came across one recipe that took 13 hours, um no. I wasn’t even in labor for 13 hours when I birthed my boys so I am NOT going to cook soup for 13 hours. Anyhow, here’s the recipe I made. It was delicious!

Favorite #3 ICYMI on Tuesday I shared this dress from Eva Trends and it really is a favorite! I have worn it several times this week. It is not only comfortable but beautiful too!


Absolutely in heaven in this baby!

You can use code RK10 for 10% off your purchase. Want this dress for yourself? Get it here. Next week I have another beauty from Eva Trends to share and it is totally different from this dress!

Favorite #4 – I am beyond blessed that I have friends who care about my family. My best friend Windy wanted to visit my parents so on Monday we brought lunch over to them. Since I work remotely it was easy for me to go there and continue to work – I logged into a meeting while she visited. After my meeting we ate the sesame chicken salad I made (it was just meh so I won’t share that recipe) and then we ate chocolate cake, I made this recipe on Saturday to bring to my parents house. We ate the leftovers, it was seriously good!

My dad and Windy

This weekend we have plans to go out tonight with friends, visit my dad to watch football on Saturday, and who knows what on Sunday. As an added bonus one or maybe both of my sons is headed home for the weekend! I hope that whatever you do this weekend you feel fabulous and enjoy each day!

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