Friday Favorites # 36

The best part about a long weekend is the short week that follows it! So funny that most of us probably had a hard time keeping track of the days since Monday was Labor Day but NO ONE has forgotten that today is Friday, right?!

Favorite #1 My boys both came home last weekend and that sure did make my heart happy. Even though Collin spent the majority of his time with his friends playing volleyball and golfing knowing he was home was fabulous! Since Nolan’s friends weren’t home for the long weekend we had him all to ourselves – LOVE!!!
Favorite #2 Having the boys home for a few days really messes with our sweet Sophie’s emotions. She absolutely LOVES the boys and they love her too. She sleeps with them at night so when they leave she has serious withdrawal! In fact when they left Monday night she had trouble sleeping. She got me up at 2am! So while this picture of her all cozy on the couch may not seem like much to you –  to me it shows me how much she loves her boys! Wouldn’t it be nice to not worry about staying up all night because you know you can nap all day long? I’m not gonna lie, part of me wants to wake her up and part of me wants to nap right alongside her!
Favorite #3 I love a good sale! Have you checked out Ulta’s 21 Days of Beauty? It’s a great time to stock up on your favorites or better yet try something new! Did you know that when you order one of the specials of the day you get free shipping?  Yep, you don’t have to worry about adding to your cart to reach that $50 minimum! My wish list includes:

Favorite #4 I’m still loving my Kat Von D foundation. In fact last week I went to Sephora looking for another foundation for the days I’m not self tanning. The Beauty Advisor suggested IT Cosmetics. I bought the new CC cream and the primer as well as a brush and a lip gloss. I ended up returning the It Cosmetics CC cream and primer. No bueno on this blonde’s face! I purchased another Kat Von D in a lighter color – seriously, when will I learn to stick with what works?
Favorite #5 Last winter I realized my sweaters (the few I have) need to be replaced. I’m on the hunt for lightweight sweaters now. I scooped up this one and I LOVE it! It runs big – I ordered a small and it has plenty of room. It’s lightweight and will be perfect for my climate. I’ll layer it when it finally gets cold. It appears mine is sold out but here are some that are similar:

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