Friday Favorites #34

Although I don’t normally have a them for my Friday Favorites I could certainly say the theme for this one would be trying to find our way as empty nesters. What a week!

Like all things in life this is a transition for us; a new season- we’ve been parents for 20 years! We’re certainly still parents but not having the boys under our roof is a big change. Knowing it’s a transition and that we will find our groove is important. So this week’s favorites include some of the ways I’m finding that have been helpful.

Favorite #1 We made plans to do something fun! I believe this was fate – we bought our tickets ages ago for the Def Leppard – Journey concert! We had no idea it would be the same weekend as the college move in but it couldn’t have happened at a better time. We had a great time with our friends and the show was fantastic! I highly recommend making plans to do something fun after your son or daughter heads off to school!

Favorite #2 I love reading! In anticipation of having some time on my hands I requested a few books from the library. I should say that is my favorite way to get books. There’s just something about turning the pages of a real book that gets me every time. I love the escape provided by a good book. So far I’ve read “Small Admissions” and now I’m on “The Secret Life of Violet Grant”.

Favorite #3 We are establishing some new routines. Taco Tuesday is one of them!

Favorite #4 We’re finding ways to laugh and enjoy ourselves! For starters Collin asked about an iron before leaving. An iron. This from the boy who always left for school in clothes that were so wrinkled I was embarrassed. When I’d tell him there was no way he should leave the house in clothes that wrinkled he’d tell me they’d be fine by the time he arrived at school. A whopping 10 minutes later. Yeah, who is this kid who wants an iron and has never even turned one on? That’s enough to keep us laughing for ages! We did not grant his request for an iron however, the University of Florida can thank us for that one!
He hasn’t called us except to ask where his toiletries were. Really? Yes, he has a 2 room dorm but it’s not that big. Oh Collin! Problem solve my love, problem solve. I had to tell him I had no idea! Here’s a picture from his first day of classes – and let me add that he is not standing by HIS bed.  His bed would not be made and there are no clothes on the floor!

Favorite #5 Probably my very favorite thing this week came from Nolan when he texted me Friday night to ask how I was doing. He also gave me some great parenting advice and assured me Collin was happy and fine. He ended the string of texts by saying he was just looking out for his mama! Gosh I love that boy!

So that’s it this week, settling into a new routine, getting used to an even quieter house and feeling okay. This weekend we have some fun things planned too. Tonight we are going out to dinner with our best friends who are also now empty nesters! Tomorrow I am meeting up with another blogger and I am so excited! I’ll share all the details next week! Sunday will probably be church and mowing the lawn – who knows, we may throw in a little grocery shopping if we really feel like throwing caution to the wind! How about you? Any fun plans?

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