Friday Favorites #26

Fresh off the plane from San Francisco I bring you the 26th edition of Friday Favorites!

Favorite #1 I recently added the cutest little pillows to my back porch sitting area. I have a thing for flamingos – could be that they’re pink but I just find them to be so sweet! Check these out: Next up I’m thinking I need this doormat!

Favorite #2 Have you caught “The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel” on Amazon? Oh my word, it is so funny! If I could live in any other time it would be the 1950’s. I love the fashion! Check this show out if you like to laugh!

Favorite #3 Most of the blogs I follow are fashion related but there are a few that I just can’t get enough of that aren’t. Now that our kitchen has been renovated I’m ready to tackle the house. Accept I’m not because I cannot decide what style direction to go in! One of my very favorite design blogs is Randi Garrett Design. I mean honestly, the woman has 5 kids and a dog and her home is BEAUTIFUL! I love all the white, pink, blue and overall elegance. After I read one of her posts I am ready to make everything white and elegant!
But then…

Favorite #4 I read a post from one of my other favorites! Totally opposite end of the spectrum Jennifer of Dimples and Tangles uses bold color and paints yard sale cast offs to create a most inviting and interesting home. She also has great style and whenever she shares what she’s wearing I feel I’ve stumbled upon my fashion twin.

So that’s the problem. I blame it on my Gemini birth sign – there always seems to be two sides of me getting in the way of making a commitment when it comes to ceratin things like decorating.

I look forward to updating you next week on my trip! This Sunday will be Sunday Showcase and next week is our Ageless Style link up on Tuesday! It’s going to be a very busy week only made better by the fact that it is July 4 on Wednesday!

Have a wonderful weekend friends!

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