Friday Favorites #25

It’s time once again for Friday Favorites.  That time of the week where I am all over the place talking about things that tickle my fancy in one way or another!

Before I get started on the list I do have say a huge thank you to all who commented on my packing post and gave me advice.  I am so very appreciative and as a result I’m checking three bags! Just kidding but I did re- work the pieces and made some changes.  I’ll be sure to take a daily selfie and report back what I brought and actually used.

Now let’s get to it!

Favorite #1 – This week I finally jumped on the Podcast train! I listened to a few but my very favorite is The Big Boo Cast. Thank you Amy for the recommendation. I swear I was laughing out loud! Also?  I am a sucker for a good southern accent and these ladies (Melanie Shankle and Sophie Hudson) have the kind of voices I could listen to all day long! I listened while I was mowing the grass the other day and I was cracking up.  It’s just another thing for my neighbors to add to their list of weird things they think about me; I laugh out loud while mowing the grass and I pose for pictures in the street!

Favorite #2 – A few weeks ago I stopped at Whole Foods and bought some peonies. Now that may not sound earth shattering to you but here in Orlando peonies are not easy to come by. They don’t grow abundantly in our backyards so getting them feels like a real treat! Boy were they beautiful and they lasted just about a week! Best $12 I spent (well that week anyway, ha!).

Favorite #3 – You know how much I love a great deal and I have shared my love for the Ibotta app with you before. I need to tell you about it again because it is that good! Almost two weeks ago I went shopping with my friend Lorie and we made a stop at Old Navy. While we were there I found a few things I wanted so I withdrew $40 in giftcards from my Ibotta account and used them to pay for my purchase! I did it right from my Iphone and simply showed the cashier my phone! I bought two dresses and a workout tank and got change back! Now that my friends is a great deal!

Favorite #4 – Speaking of Old Navy – the sale they have going on right now is pretty fantastic! 40% off when you use your Old Navy, Gap, or Banana Republic card. Check out what I have my eye on here! Great time to get these shorts!

Favorite #5 – Tomorrow we leave for vacation and the anticipation is most definitely a favorite. Not only am I looking forward to getting away with my family but seeing Lisa is most definitely a highlight for me! I can hardly wait!!!! We used the same travel agent who set up our 7 day cruise last year. I am so glad we did, she booked everything for us and took care of all the little details!

So that’s it friends! I am so excited about meeting up with Lisa on Sunday night I can hardly stand it! I wish you all a wonderful weekend!

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