Cute Ugly Christmas Sweaters

Hey there friends, so what do you think about this?  I mean, hey, it’s about dang time, right?  I’m talkin’ about the new design.  I am over the moon excited, I hope you like it too. It was an easy peasy process thanks to Pipdig. For awhile now I’d been on the hunt for someone to work with on a new design for this blog of mine. I had checked out Pipdig but when Debbie from Fashion Fairy Dust gave her personal recommendation it sealed the deal. It was also a Christmas present to me!

Oh, the concept of the “ugly” Christmas sweater!  Such a fun idea and honestly I’ve yet to see an actual ugly one.  I suppose that’s the point, they may border on tacky but they’re far from ugly.

Last year our school had a fun, Christmas/Holiday themed month in December, culminating with our staff party with an ugly sweater theme.  Up to that point I had resisted jumping on the bandwagon.  And friends, I was SHOCKED at how expensive these “ugly” sweaters were!  Living in Florida, where it is rarely cool enough for an actual sweater prior to Christmas, it just doesn’t make sense to make that kind of investment.  It gets plenty cool in January but by that time the ugly Christmas sweater has expired.  As it turned out the day of our party last year was sweltering. I wore my “ugly” sweater with shorts!  I don’t have picture from last year’s party so I re-created the look for you!

Since there was NO WAY I was spending $59 on an “ugly” Christmas sweater I started playing around online and found a keeper at Wal-mart!  I think I paid a whopping $12  and had it delivered to my Wal-mart Neighborhood Grocery store .  It’s lightweight and washed up well so I can pull it out to wear this year. I like to add a little something extra to my sweaters. In this case layering it with a lightweight gingham top did the trick. It’s a way to put a little stamp of my personality into the outfit. I also love adding jewelry to class and sass it up a bit!

I’ve rounded up some cute, affordable “ugly” Christmas sweaters for you!

‘Tis the season for holiday fun! There’s no need to spend a fortune, shop smart and be fabulous always!

Button front tops to layer with:
Cornflower Blue Navy • J.Crew Factory • $29.50–29.99
Petite Women’s Caslon Button Front Shirt • Caslon • $59


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