Best Prime Purchases from July

The first Monday of August means I am joining my friend Tanya for her monthly link up. It’s time to share the best Prime purchases from July. Since July included Prime Days, this should be a good one to check out! I love seeing what everyone bought and reading their reviews.

Best Prime Purchases from July

The two best Prime purchases from July are actually clothing items. It’s kind of funny because I haven’t made too many clothing purchases this year and maybe, just maybe, I am learning to find the good stuff! In any case my linen shirt dress from The Drop and this two piece set are total winners!

I wore the linen shirtdress on Saturday to get a mani/pedi with my bestie and then do some shopping. Super comfortable all day long and into the night when we went to dinner with our husbands. It is hotter than you-know-what here in Orlando but I was comfortable on this pretty dress. Maybe I need it in another color??

The two piece set is one you are seeing everywhere. I haven’t worn it out and about just yet but let me tell you, it feels so luxurious. Also? Were am I looking in this photo??

Prime Purchases Health & Beauty

There are several things I purchase again and again on Prime. My contour stick in Where’s Walnut, my foundation, and my make up brush cleaner. These have become my ride or die and it thrills me to know that they are affordable and really deliver.

In July I bought these make up remover cloths, this self tanner (from the brand I swear by), and this nail strengthening cream.

I ordered this two pack of sunglass holders for my car and use them everyday!

This might be a stretch to fit into this category, but these airplane footrests were purchased. Since we have two international trips coming up this year (Greece this Fall and Italy in Spring) I feel like these are e necessity. Paired with the compression socks we will be wearing, blood clots should not be a concern.

On My Prime Radar

A few things have caught my eye recently on Prime. This viral unitard for starters. I am not even sure why this has caught my attention but darn it is cute! I’d get it in black and layer it with a white button up, a long cardi – all kinds of ideas swimming around in my head yet, I have not made the commitment.

I am going to order this for my husband. When we take our trips I think it will come in handy.

What have you been Priming lately? Be sure to check out Tanya’s link up, it’s the best!!


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