4 Practical Tips to Build Your Personal Style

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Everybody wants to look fabulous. Dressing well and accessorizing perfectly can make your confidence soar, which is why many people spend a fortune on their appearance. 

Unfortunately, buying expensive clothing does not mean that you will look good. If the piece does not fit well or flatter your body, you will still look inelegant in it. 

If you are looking to build a personal style you can be proud of, read on to find out how.

Know Yourself

When it comes to dressing well, nothing matters half as much as your comfort. Sky-high heels generally look nice, but nobody looks good in them if they stumble when they walk.

This is why the first thing you should do when creating your style is to know the things you love. If you like to show off your body, having a wardrobe full of short skirts and fitting trousers makes sense. If you are a more conservative dresser, then here are some modest clothing websites to shop from, where you will certainly find items you love.

Additionally, it helps to know your body shape well. This means taking various body measurements and finding fashion inspiration that suits you. The last thing you want is to buy clothing that flatters a rectangular body when you have a curvy, pear-shaped body.

Choose a Fashion Icon

If you have trouble identifying your style, consider celebrities whose fashion decisions you idolize. Do you love the outlandish outfits of Lady Gaga, or are you more drawn to the conservative outfits of Kate Middleton?

After identifying your fashion icons, then create a collection of the celebrity’s photographs. As you accumulate pictures of celebrities, you will notice the patterns they follow when choosing outfits. Aim to replicate their staple pieces, and you will find your fashion sense within no time.

Although you may want to emulate a star’s fashion style, don’t copy their every look. If you don’t like an item they wear, you don’t have to buy it. Always follow your instincts when choosing your attire.

Build Your Ideal Wardrobe Slowly

Changing your wardrobe can be scary. This is especially true if you are used to specific clothes but feel the need to revamp your closet. Additionally, having a small clothing budget can make it much difficult to change your wardrobe instantly.

If you are in this predicament, consider changing your pieces one at a time. Buying a nice pair of shoes today and a flattering pencil skirt tomorrow can go a long way in creating a wardrobe you love.

Be very intentional with the pieces you buy because you want your closet to be functional and stylish. Don’t buy something just because everybody else has it. It will only take up space in your wardrobe and be an unnecessary waste of money.

Know Your Goals

It would be best if you also created a wardrobe that serves you well. If you are a student, having a closet full of suits may not be the wisest idea. Trade them for more casual and comfortable outfits that you currently need.


Creating a signature style need not be as difficult as you might imagine. It is a matter of knowing the things that look good on you and staying true to yourself. Follow the tips in this post and transform your wardrobe for the better.


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