4 Must-Do Activities for Your Fitness Bucket List

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As we grow older, many begin to associate age with activity decline. However, age isn’t a surefire way to physical decline—your mindset will take care of that for you. Whether you are 25 or 55, you can train your body to be a lean and mean machine with a healthy diet and a tailored workout regimen devoted to your needs and injuries.

Why don’t you celebrate your hope for a newly transformed “you” by drafting a Fitness Bucketlist? Your bucket list might have some incredible wishes like travelling, taking a cooking class, or writing a novel. Your fitness bucket list can be just as outlandish and worthwhile—these are your goals, after all. To get you started, here are five must-do activities that should score a spot on your fitness bucket list!

Complete a Half-Marathon

A race of any sort—like, the 5K (3.1 miles), a half-marathon (13.1 miles) or a marathon (26.2 miles)—is something many of us dream of completing. However, a half-marathon seems like a feat that is impressive, goal-driven and achievable enough that it should certainly have a spot on your list. There are even CrossFit training programs meant to turn your body from couch potato to half-marathon ready! Regardless of who you are, you can tackle a 13.1-mile race. Half-marathons are often done to raise money for charity, so you get to partake in some altruism.

If you commit yourself to this dream, you can train your body to run 13.1 miles in approximately six months. Starting the training this year will undoubtedly prepare you for a half-marathon like Utah’s Half Hobbler Half Marathon by next year!

If you want it—work for it.

Complete a Half-Ironman

If running isn’t your cup of tea, maybe you would like to try a dynamic, running/cycling/swimming race? The Ironman 70.3, or the Half Ironman, is a long-distance triathlon race. Organized by the World Triathlon Corporation, the Half-Ironman equates to a total of 70.3 miles in total. Each year, competitors swim a distance of 1.2 miles, cycle 56 miles, and run a half-marathon.

It is a taxing experience and could take nearly eight and a half hours to complete! However, could you imagine how fulfilled you would feel afterwards? With dedication, hard work, and potentially years of training, you could be one of the few people worldwide who participate in the annual triathlon.

Hike to the Top of Something

Maybe it is scaling the peak of Mount Everest, the hilltop in your local community or traipsing your state’s mountain range—think about yourself at the top. Hiking is an incredible way to get you engaged with nature and other like-minded individuals. Start small with local hike’s and gradually work your way up to a cliffside hike—that steep incline can be rough to start with. Keep your goal visualized, and try to hike longer, farther and higher each month. Eventually, you might be able to see your goal as a reality as you get closer to the sky!

Perform a Single Pull-Up (Chin-Up)

Not every goal on your list needs to reach for the stars! What’s a personal goal near and dear to your heart? Maybe you have completed a half-marathon, but you have never been able to do a pull-up.

If you can’t do a single-pull up—what’s stopping you? What obstacle is standing in your way of doing twenty pull-ups? If it’s your motivation—that’s what this fitness bucket list is for—then you should focus first on targeting those muscles in your exercise regimen.

A pull-up requires strength from your back, biceps, abs, and forearm muscles! There are specific exercises dedicated to helping you reach your goal, as well as 28-Day training programs! You are not alone—stay driven, and visualize how satisfying it will feel when your chin finally raises above that bar.


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