Finding Great US Locations to Embrace The Spirit of Adventure

With restrictions lifting and vacations back on the books, I was excited to share this article with you! There are so many beautiful destinations in the US that I’ve yet to visit, take a look!

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The US is a vast country, covering around 9.834 million km². Within its borders, this goliath nation is home to countless different types of landscape, with some of the world’s greatest and most impressive landmarks found within its borders. This makes the whole country excellent for those looking for an adventure, but it’s well worth picking your destination carefully to make sure that you can see what you want. To make this easier for you, this article will be exploring a range of US states with the best chances for an adventure.


With a Great Lake on each side, Michigan is one of the most popular spots in the US for those looking for an adventure. With Lake Michigan in the West, Lake Huron in the East, and Lake Superior in the Northmost reaches, those who like to spend time on the water are sure to fall in love with this part of the US. Along with the Great Lakes, Michigan is also home to the Roscommon State Forest.


Moving onto a place far less lush than Michigan, it’s time to take a look at Arizona. Home of the Grand Canyon, this state has long been a hotspot for those who want to enjoy an adventure. Alongside the Grand Canyon, this state is home to miles and miles of untouched desert, filled with creatures that aren’t found anywhere else in the US. Those who enjoy cacti will be particularly happy when they pay this state a visit.


Like many of the states in America, driving through Oregon will expose you to a wide range of different landscapes. From the beaches and woodland in the West to the sparse and arid regions in the East, Oregon is a treat for those who want to enjoy nature at its finest. The Steens Mountain Wilderness is a must-see for those who enjoy adventure, giving you the opportunity to explore to your heart’s content.


Home to swamps and the Bayou, Mississippi presents a very different landscape to many of the states in the US. As you move inland, forest regions can be discovered, but the coast is a very different story. This can make this region unforgiving for those without the right equipment or expertise, making it well worth using a guide if you haven’t traveled through swamps in the past. Of course, though, this will be a great opportunity to see an alligator or two.


Bordering Canada, Montana is a state with an incredibly diverse range of landscapes. The Rocky Mountains can be found in this part of the US, along with the world-famous Great Plains. This state is filled with countless national parks, along with reservations that have been protected by federal law. The result of this work is a pristine landscape with loads of natural landmarks that make the state a beautiful place to visit.

New York

The state of New York is often overlooked by adventurers, with many people associating the name of this state with the city that has become so famous. New York State is home to the US side of Niagra Falls, with Lake Erie in the West and Lake Ontario in the North. Buffalo is the closest city to the Falls, giving you an excellent opportunity for adventure when you decide to pay this beautiful state a visit.


As the last state to look at on this list, it’s time to take a trip far up North to Alaska. This is another area that is often overlooked, with Canada sitting in the middle of this state and the country that it belongs to. Well-known across the world as a stunning piece of land, you will find mountains, glaciers, and other gorgeous natural landscapes nestled in this relatively small part of the country.

As you can see, the US has a tremendous amount to offer when you decide to pay a visit to any of these states. Of course, though, this isn’t where the beauty of this country stops. Alongside this, the US is home to awe-inspiring coastlines, forests, and other landscapes across its land. This makes it ideal for modern adventurers who don’t want to be bogged down by big cities and endless roads.

I hope you enjoyed reading this article, who’s ready for vacation?


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