The Best Ways to Find Your Own Style

A lot goes into developing your own sense of fashion. You think about who you are, where you come from, and what you want to say with your clothes. But even with all of these factors to consider, it can be a battle to settle on your own, personal style. Sometimes you can look in your wardrobe and just not recognise yourself at all! But this doesn’t have to be a problem for much longer. If you’re someone who struggles to dress in the way you feel represents you, we’ve got some tips below to help you out. 

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Find a Neutral Base

A neutral base is always going to be the first thing you should do, as this is where you’ll be building your personal style from. As once you know you’ve got some neutral pieces that work with everything, you can really start to experiment with your wardrobe

Get some vest tops, some blouses, shorts and skirts, and trousers and jeans, and you’ll have plenty of time to decide what to put on top later on. But why does this work so well? Because it’s a lot easier to separate your wardrobe into sections like this, as now you can mix and match accessories, sweaters, cardigans, and overshirts. Otherwise it becomes a clumsy and potentially overwhelming task! 

Search Up Some Inspiration

You’ve got the internet at your fingertips, and there are a lot of fashion influencers online that you can get a hint of inspiration from! Curate your online experience by following those with a fashion sense you admire, and you’ll be able to better define what your own personal style is. After all, all of these influencers will have something in common… 

So start with looking up people on Instagram who post about fashion related hashtags you’re interested in. Similarly, you can start using online magazines such as to get a more wide spread overview of current trends. Get a bit of inspiration from everywhere you can! 

Put Together a Fashion Board

A fashion board, or moodboards in general, are great for coming up with style ideas. You can make multiple versions revolving around different fashion types, and then decide which bits you want to chop and change into your final version. 

Once again you can use the internet here, with websites such as Pinterest being incredibly accessible for those who want to create moodboards. Simply ‘pin’ the looks you’re a fan of, and then see what have they mesh together/what they have in common. 

This can help you find similar clothes for your own wardrobe, and if these images are already linked to a website, there’s a good chance you’ll be able to find that exact item to buy as well! 

Finding your own style can seem like a lifelong task. But as long as you wear what makes you happy, you’ve got a sense of your own style in the bag! Now it’s just time to define it properly.


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