Styling Slouchy Boots

Boot season is upon us and it seems slouchy boots are making waves! I’m seeing them all over and in varying degrees of slouch. Styling slouchy boots (aka scrunchy boots) is easy if you keep… View Post

Style a Poncho and Link Up

Last year I purchased my first poncho on a long time! I was thrilled to get it and couldn’t wait to wear it. Then this year a newer, better version came out. After resisting for… View Post

Fall Dresses for Warmer Climates

Fall officially begins Tuesday but when you live in a warmer climate (and that’s putting it mildly here in FL it’s hot as you know what!) it doesn’t matter what the calendar says. Heck, there… View Post

Fall for your Summer Top

Okay, now that is the kind of title I like, tells you what you need to know with a little bit of pun on the side! But since so many end of season sales are… View Post

Link Ups

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