Preserve Youthful Skin this Summer

When the weather gets hot, it’s hard to resist lying down in the sun and fueling on vitamin D. Sunlight is one of the main triggers for vitamin D production in the body. It is also a mood-booster and an essential element in maintaining your circadian rhythm. 

But when it comes to keeping your youthful skin, direct sun exposure is the last thing you need! Did you know that skin with prolonged sun exposure tends to age prematurely? So maintaining your skin youthfulness this summer should prioritize sunscreen protection. As a rule of thumb, you want to use lotions with high SPF, such as 50 or 60, if you are staying out in the sun. Make sure to reapply frequently, especially if you go in the water. 

Additionally, choosing protective garments will also reduce risks of excessive exposure, from loose long sleeves to hats. Indeed, you are more likely to miss a spot when applying sunscreen. While wearing clothes doesn’t guarantee a 100% shield from harmful UV rays, it is a better option to protect areas you can’t reach, such as the back of your legs, back, etc. 

But what else can you do to protect your skin from premature aging this summer? 

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Give your skin a little help

Do you know what products work best for you? 

Do you know what your skin needs?

Do you know which skincare routine to use?

Most people would be unable to answer these questions with confidence. We all have a favorite product or a few steps we’ve learned from an influencer. But are they the right solutions for our skin? You may want to schedule an appointment with a general dermatology expert who can evaluate your skin health and target specific problem areas. For instance, ineffective eye cream can expose the fragile, thin skin around your eyes and increase the risk of infections and fine lines. Sometimes, finding the right treatment can make a great deal of difference. Similarly, ineffective sunscreen protection can lead to unpleasant burns and the apparition of brown spots. Are those spots part of the aging process, or are they something else? The better you understand your skin health, the sooner you can act to preserve it. 

Change your go-to foods this summer

Are you a burger lover or an ice-cream enthusiast? These are delicious treats to enjoy with the family. Can there be anything more delicious than throwing a BBQ party with ice cream for dessert? 

The problem is that some of your favorite summer food may not be good for your skin. Your summer skin needs a lot of nutrients to stay healthy and youthful:

  • Omega-3 fatty acids from fish such as salmon or mackerel can reduce sensitivity to the sun’s UV rays
  • Adding an avocado to your salad will help keep your skin supple, which is especially important in summer when the skin is prone to premature wrinkles
  • Carrot and sweet potatoes are a nice substitute for French fries, and they are full of beta carotene, which acts as a natural sunblock
  • Soy, such as soybean sprouts and soy meat, improves skin elasticity and reduces the risks of skin cancer

Are you ready to give your skin the best fighting chance against the aging and harmful effects of the sun? Protected skins tend to maintain a youthful appearance for longer. 


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