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Summer is around the corner, and it’s time to think about your skincare routine for the next six months, are you going to continue with the same look or try something new? What is the condition of your skin these days? If you have some acne, there could be a simple solution.


There’s a reason people who care bout their skin wear sunscreen in the winter; it’s because UV light from the sun is very damaging to skin cells, even in low light, such as in the colder months. UV penetrates the upper layer or epidermis, damaging deeper layers and causing wrinkles. 

Not only does UV radiation make you look older much faster, but it can also cause serious illnesses like skin cancer. So, if you want to avoid wrinkled skin much sooner than you expect it to come along, and protect against harmful illnesses, wear and minimum of SPF30 this summer.  


If you want to have beautiful-looking skin, there are three ways you can go, eat a healthy diet with plenty of natural oils and antioxidants, wear makeup to cover up blemishes, or use moisturizer to soften your skin, even skin tone, and replenish fluid. What about in summer? 

Most people use moisturizer in the winter when the air is drier, and the skin has lost much of its hydration, but you can also benefit from light moisturizing in the summer. The skin still dries out in the warmer months, and you don’t want a heavy cream, but a light moisturizer always helps. 

Low Make up

It’s easy to get into the habit of wearing makeup, especially through the winter when heavy makeup serves the added purpose of trapping moisture and protecting the upper layer of the epidermis. But when it gets to summer, it’s time to take off the many layers and let it breathe. 

Heavy make-up in the summer doesn’t do your skin any favors, the UV rays from the sun can still penetrate your skin, and because of the heat, your face will start to run. It’s best to ditch the makeup and replace it with sunscreen and moisturizer to give it a break from all the treatment.     

Laser Treatment 

If you have a skin condition like acne, you need to be careful in the sun. Don’t fall into the trap of thinking that the sun’s UV rays are helping your acne; it’s an illusion. In the short term, the UV rays can improve the condition by killing bacteria, but over time they will leave acne scars. 

There are two solutions to acne in the summer, you can use sunscreen with a suitable factor, or you can opt for laser treatment for acne scars. Laser treatment involves a laser wand that waves over your skin burning away the outer layer of epidermis, allowing new skin to grow. 


Exfoliation is also an excellent treatment for the skin in the summer. Exfoliating clears your pour-up and prevents spots and blemishes from forming. There are many luxury products on the market that you can enjoy, but try not to exfoliate before using the sunbed or going to the beach.

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