My Version of a Fall Transition Outfit

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I read and enjoy so many blogs and this time of year doing so has me really hankering for Fall!  While cooler weather is not in the near future I like to pretend it’s Fall by adding some simple pieces to my outfits. Working in an elementary school (I’m a school counselor) adds it’s own set of challenges when I’m getting dressed for the day.  I have to keep in mind that Mondays are always sweltering at school (the a/c is turned off in our school ALL weekend) and that I need to be able to move freely aka run after students sometimes #9yearoldshavenothingonme.  On top of that I have hall duty in the mornings and car duty in the afternoons so I have to wear comfortable shoes.  Seriously it’s enough to say forget it, I give in and wear sneakers or sensible shoes every single day.  But you know what?  I can’t do that because if I did I would be so uncomfortable, that is not me.  Now don’t get me wrong, if that is YOU then rock it girl but I have to be true to me.  It may be why I like Fall and Winter so much, I can wear boots or booties and be stylish and comfortable.

So this year I decided to become a little more daring and wear booties with my dress.  Bold, right? Haha!  I actually love the look so much but I wasn’t sure I could pull it off.  But I have had some nerve pain on the bottom of my left foot and a little arthritis as well so many of my sandals and wedges just aren’t cutting it these days.  So take a look at what I wore to school on Monday.  Keep in mind these pictures were taken after school and I am exhausted!  I ‘m a bit wrinkled from my seat belt and my hair is DONE (not in a good way done but DONE ya know?). But I’m keepin’ it real here so that maybe you’ll try this trend yourself!

2016-09-12-002 2016-09-12-004

This dress is new and from Old Navy while the booties are last year from Old Navy.  I am wearing a wooden bead necklace from Versona and my favorite cuff from Accessory Concierge.



This is my version of a Fall transition outfit.  Comfortable enough for the heat without looking summery thanks to the booties and accessories. When the weather actually does cool off I’ll add either my denim jacket or a cardigan along with a fun scarf – I love to accessorize!  This dress is a GREAT basic piece!

What do you wear when the calendar says Fall but the weather says, yeah, not so fast?  I hope you’re inspired to try wearing booties with a dress or skirt!  That’s what’s in This Blonde’s Shopping Bag today!

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