How to Find Wide Leg Pants You’ll Love!

Wide leg pants are on trend this season and with good reason. When it’s hot outside flowy, lightweight fabrics feel good and can be so stylish! Of course there are all kinds available and not all wide leg pants are created equal. So today I want to help you find your perfect pair.

The first thing to consider is length. Do you want a cropped pair or full length? I think it’s a personal decision and ultimately you should choose what you feel comfortable in. However, keep in mind that wide legs pants mean more fabric and if you are petite or short waisted a cropped version may be better.

Another consideration is the waist and the rise. The paper bag style is very popular now. Since I don’t have defined waist this style doesn’t work on me – even though I love it. I find a flat front with a high rise to work best on me.

Think about pockets as well. While useful they can add bulk to your mid section and hips. Will that bother you?

Finally consider the print. Do you want a solid pair? Stripes? Tip: if stripes are your thing try to find vertical stripes – you’ll look taller! Maybe a floral print strikes your fancy.

While in Target a few weeks ago I snagged this pair in a size medium. I did not try them on in store because I had a grocery cart full of food. They caught my eye because they were displayed on the same rack as this jacket I had at home. I’m all about a good print mix and had high hopes they’d work. Wide leg pants and striped jacket

Except they didn’t. Maybe I needed a small and not a medium. The store only had medium. They were comfortable but once I saw the pictures I wasn’t such a fan. My gut told me I wouldn’t be reaching for these as often as I’d like. Also? With the jacket there’s just too much fabric. The jacket is long and so are the pants – the proportions are all off.

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A few of my favorite accessories!

Then Fonda shared this pair. I immediately ordered them and picked them up that afternoon.

I love these! I ordered a small and the fit was perfect. Let me say this – I share sizes with you to help you. It helps me when I read a blog and fall in love with something. If I know what size the blogger is wearing it helps me to know what size I might need. It’s frustrating to have to guess or contact the blogger and hope she gets back to me. Cropped wide leg pants and striped shirt

What I love about this pair? They check all the boxes for me. I should mention that they didn’t work for Fonda but because she has shared that she is petite it helped me know they might work for me. P.S. I am wearing my favorite wedges – do you own them yet?
Cropped wide leg pants and striped shirt
So what are your thoughts on wide leg pants? Are you interested in trying them? I have rounded up a few for you to check out. On Wednesday I’ll be back with more styling options!

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