Goldilocks and the Three Bags

Happy Friday friends!

If you’re like me you are pinching yourself right now and thinking, “Wow! Kellyann really meant what she said a few weeks ago about taking the blog thing seriously. This is the 3rd post this week!” Yes it is and yes I am. The truth of the matter is that I enjoy writing and this is fun , I am glad you’re here!

I’m sure I’m not the only one who likes a new handbag each season. Spring 2017 calls for structured bags in spring like colors. They are everywhere and available at every price point. Today I am sharing 3 bags from a brand you may or may not be familiar with, Sole Society. The bag I bought last summer as part of the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale was from Sole Society and I loved it (still do).

When you’re shopping online it is sometimes hard to tell just how big or small something is even though dimensions are often provided. I am the type of person that needs to see a handbag up close and personal so I can get a feel for it. So of course I ordered from Nordstrom because of their awesome customer service, free shipping and free returns. I had my eye on 3 bags but only two were available at Nordstrom. If there was a Nordstrom store near me I’d shop in person but that’s not the case.

Take a look at the three bags I chose.

The first bag, Gina is definitely a terrific bag. I ordered it in camel. It is roomy and has a detachable shoulder strap. When I took it out of the box my husband was like, “Whoa, now that’s a big bag!” Yes, yes it is.

Onto the second bag. The Athenia is gorgeous and the ivory color is perfect for spring. It’s a dupe for a much more expensive bag. It is much smaller than the Gina. It also has a detachable strap.

The third bag I had my eye on was not available at Nordstrom so I purchased it directly from Sole Society. They have lots of great bags and shoes along with accessories and clothing. The Dayton in blush had me swooning though. This bag is the perfect size for me and I love the detailing. For me it was just right; not too big and not too small.

In the end I decided to keep the Dayton. I look forward to using it and the color is perfection in my opinion. Over the years I’ve become a little more specific in handbag requirements. When I was younger it was all about what the bag looked like but now I’m interested in how it feels on my shoulder, how easy it is to get into, how all my stuff fits inside, and finally it has to have two straps andit can’t be too heavy. Of course it has to look good too! The Boho side of me loves soft, slouchy bags but when I’m out shopping I get frustrated searching my bag for my keys, etc..

I hope you enjoyed the story of the three handbags. Are you looking for a new bag for spring? What are your requirements? A brand new handbag is what’s in This Blonde’s Shopping Bag today, what’s in yours?

Fashionably yours,


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