Friday Favorites #72

Can my first favorite be a 4 day work week? Yes? Who doesn’t love a short work week and this week truly felt short compared to the busy-ness of last week! So let’s get to it!

First up – After such a busy week last week this week was pretty chill. In fact I only really got “dressed” one day so this is my favorite outfit of the week! You might remember the first time I shared this blouse here. It’s so darn pretty! You can buy it here.Pink Top and Pants

Second – I made a promise to myself that I would save a little money this year by requesting books from the library rather than purchasing them on my Kindle. I do take advantage of the Amazon freebies for Kindle and some are okay but not real page turners. Anyhow I have wanted to read this book forever. One of my friends lent it to me on Saturday night and I finished it on Monday. It really was good! I love reading, how about you? Buy the book here.

Third – If you follow me on Insta you saw my story last weekend. This candle is amazing. So pretty and the scent is intoxicating! The best part? The price. It is a whopping $6.99 at Aldi. Go get one. Or four. Now!Candle

Fourth – Not only did I get a great candle last weekend but I got new sneakers and socks. Regardless of what kind of exercise you do I highly recommend you go to a store that specializes in athletic shoes. Getting properly fit in the right shoe for your foot (and the way you walk or run) makes all the difference in preventing injury. Treat yourself to a great pair of shoes that are good for your feet! Get my sneakers here and my socks here.Saucony SneakersBalega Socks

Fifth – Even though it is hot outside (sweltering here) and all the cute bags are straw and give off vacation vibes, I am finding my favorite bag is my Madewell Transport tote. I use it all the time. It’s so handy because it holds everything AND with each use it gets better. The leather feels so good. I can throw my laptop in it along with everything else. If you are looking for a great bag, made of real leather get this. I am kicking myself for all the vinyl bags I wasted $$$ on over the years. They were never as good and I should have just gotten this one to begin with! Better to have quality over quantity, right? Buy the bag here.

So what are your plans this weekend? Tonight we are hosting a dinner party for my brother in law and on Sunday we have my niece’s confirmation. Monday is my birthday so we’ll make time to celebrate that as well.

Make this weekend a great one friends and please follow me by email and on Instagramhere. I’d love to keep in touch!

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