Friday Favorites #48

This Friday finds me sharing some favorites that would also make great gifts for you or someone you know! Be sure to stop by The Blended Blog today to check out some fabulous blog posts!

Favorite #1 Darn you Amazon, you got me again! This Lark & Ro Wrap Dress is perfection! The fabric is thick enough to cover and smooth. It appears the solid colors are currently unavailable in standard sizes but they are in plus. I’m wearing it in a medium.  

Favorite #2 I’m sure you are all familiar with The Pampered Chef. But have you ever tried the salad chopper? Don’t let the name deceive you, it chops much more than salad. It works like a scissor but cuts through everything. I use it for chicken, eggs, veggies, fruit, you name it. I love it because it is dishwasher safe and gets the job done. This is my second pair btw. This would make a great gift for anyone!#saladchopper

Favorite #3 I jumped on the tiered tray bandwagon! Gosh I have long admired these but refused to pay the $90 price tag I kept seeing. Thanks to Lisa – seriously, what would I do without her – I found one at Hobby Lobby for 50% off! While it’s not wood (my first choice) I was attracted to the distressed look. Now I’m having all kinds of fun and spending all kinds of money decorating it!tiered tray

Favorite #4 I shared my new sequin leggings on Wednesday and they are definitely a favorite!


Sequin leggings by day


Sequin leggings by night

Favorite #5 Finding the perfect gift can be tricky but I think I found the perfect one. Did you know that you can purchase a Personalized Photo Candle at Yankee Candle? It makes an amazing gift. So far I have purchased 3 as birthday gifts and 1 to congratulate my friend on her school board election. See the picture below. It’s so easy to do just simply upload your photo (or video) and they print the label. The store associate will remove the old label and place the personalized label on it so it’s perfect! You have to buy them in store so there’s no link.Personalized Yankee Candle
I hope you have a great weekend. We have one o four boys home and next week the other one comes home. That’s when the holidays really kick off for me!#FeatureFriday
On Monday join The Blended Blog, our prompt is Merry and Bright and we’ll be answering the question, “What brings you joy?”

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