Friday Favorites #32

What a week friends! It felt like the longest week ever so this Friday is very welcome indeed! Now if the weekend could please do me a favor and slow down I’d really appreciate it.  In one short week both of my boys will be gone to school.  That’s right, next Friday is move in day for Collin.  I’ll be honest I don’t have the sense of dread that I had 2 years ago when Nolan left.  Maybe that’s because they will both be at the same school and I’m familiar with all things UF?  That’s partly it but I think the other part is that my boys are just different people and Collin is so easy going it makes things easier for us.  Plus? I’m looking forward to having his bedroom and bathroom stay clean for longer than 30 minutes.

#1 – My absolute favorite this week is having Nolan home! We saw him almost 2 weeks ago and right after we left he sprained his ankle and had to use crutches.   He’ll be home for barely a week before moving into his new apartment and I’ll savor every minute.  He’s so much fun to be around! I had hoped he’d be home early last night for me to snap a quick picture but he ended up having a final exam from 7 -10pm so he didn’t get home until after midnight. This picture was from Mother’s Day!

#2 – This week I was thrilled to be able to share that I have officially joined The Blended Blog! As a long time admirer of this diverse group of bloggers it feels surreal that they actually asked me to join! Their warm welcome has me feeling all kinds of giddy!

#3 – I was so happy to get to join my virtual school co-workers this week for a day and a half of in-person pre-planning.  Since leaving my brick and mortar school in January I haven’t looked back with regret once. Not once.  Listening to our administrators speak this week reminded me once again that I work FOR and WITH amazing people who put kids first! In the first picture we are trying to make a heart, can you tell?

#4- I was thrilled to share my grown up make up case on Wednesday.  Everyday I look at it and just smile.  It’s attractive and I feel so professional and grown up using it! Check out my post here.

#5 -My final favorite is shopping for all things fall! Wardrobe wise anyway.  I am crushing on this cocoon cardigan from Target. It comes in a bunch of colors and the price point is, well, right on target! #puntotallyintended Even though it will be months before the weather cools off here I can still wear a cardigan with a tank and shorts! That’s how Florida girls dress for the changing seasons!

Well that wraps up this week’s favorites. I hope your weekend is filled with all things relaxing and fun; the kind that really feed your soul. I plan on taking advantage of having my family of 4 together one last time for awhile. I will see you back here on Monday!

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