Friday Favorites #20

The month of May continues to fly by and it seems each week just gets busier and busier as we prepare for Collin’s graduation! He finished school this week and we are set for graduation on Tuesday night. In the meantime I have a list of favorites to share with you but of course you know that next week my #1 favorite will be graduation! #spoileralert Ha!

#1 By far my most favorite this week has to be the low key Mother’s Day I enjoyed with both of my boys. Nolan had been out of town and flew in that day so after picking him up we had lunch at one of my favorite Mexican restaurants. The rest of the day was spent reading and relaxing before Nolan packed up and headed back to Gainesville for summer classes.

#2 I scored new sneakers for Mother’s Day and on the way to pick them up I grabbed this outfit. While I love it worn together, the pieces work with other items in my wardrobe. On Wednesday night I wore the pants with a black top out to happy hour. The twist front tee is such a vibrant color and will also play well with other items I own! I should mention I had a 30% off coupon for Kohl’s. Honestly I do not step foot in the store without one! Take a look at my happy hour look:

#3 Last week during Target’s sale I scooped up hot pink beads and these earrings. Definitely a favorite! I wore them both on Saturday for a mani-pedi and a little shopping. Pink always has my heart and since I had a few Target gift cards I paid practically nothing for both – win-win!

#4 Thank you to whoever heard my plea to tell that mule delivering my straw bag from Amazon – it worked! My bag arrived and I am loving it! If I had seen these two bags at Target I would have purchased one of these instead and had it much sooner! I love these two, take a look:

#5 Collin landed his first job this week at our local Chick-fil-A! He’s anxious to get started saving money for college. We purchased a Florida Prepaid program for each of our boys and they both received Bright Futures Scholarships. But there are more costs involved and my husband told them that is on them! Nolan has had to take out a small student loan to cover expenditures and Collin is hoping to have to borrow even less. College is expensive but so is retirement!

So that wraps up this week. Tonight we have an awards banquet for ACE – a program Collin is in. We are hoping he wins a scholarship tonight which would certainly help his cause. On Saturday we have a neighborhood garage sale and hopefully we’ll get rid of a lot! Then we have two graduation parties. On Sunday I am hoping to get to the movies – I haven’t been in two weeks! Absurd, I know!!!

Wherever your plans take you this weekend I hope all is well and I wish you a wonderful and happy weekend. Thank you as always for stopping by today and I’d love to keep in touch with you! Please sign up to get posts delivered by email so you never miss a post. Make it a great one friends!

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