Friday Favorites #2

Honestly I can hardly believe it is only January 12 – I feel as though I’ve lived a month of 2018 already this week! But that’s what happens when you go back to work for one last day and then start the very next day at your new job. What a whirlwind adventure I’ve been on – of the very best kind of course. This Friday finds me feeling nothing but grateful for the amazing opportunity I have been given.

Here are a few things worth noting from the last 7 days or so:

#1 – Yes, saying goodbye isn’t always easy and I suppose when it’s hard you know it’s because you cared. This week had me saying goodbye to co-workers and students as well as to my son Nolan as he headed back to school. Luckily I had no time to dwell on feeling sad since training for the new job has kept me extremely busy!

#2 – I had planned to make this yummy recipe. Unfortunately the week got a little busier than I had planned so I’ll be making it this weekend. I am trusting Hoda and Savannah that this recipe is every bit as good as traditional mac and cheese. Honestly, cauliflower mac and cheese minus the cheese and it’s actually good? Yes, please! Get the recipe here.

#3 – Alexa! Thanks to Anna’s post here I have been playing around and getting used to having Alexa do all kinds of fun things. I think besides playing all the music I love (from my Pandora account) I am enjoying setting reminders and alarms. It’s nice to have Alexa remind my son he has to do his laundry!

#4 – This recipe for Crack Brownies is so very good! I have made them multiple times and they do not disappoint! Looking for a sweet treat for the weekend? Make them!

I wish you the very best of weekends. We are headed to Gainesville to celebrate our boy’s 20th birthday and then hoping to get prepared for another week of training for the new job!

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