Friday Favorites #12








It’s Friday Favorites time, one of my favorite days of the week to read posts from my blogging besties. I enjoy seeing what’s caught everyone’s eye each week and I usually end up with at least a couple of things I need to try myself!

Favorite #1 this week is my love of a good sale. Actually I love a great sale and that’s what I found this week at Dillard’s in the shoe department. My friend and I had time before seeing a movie and stopped in to check it out. You may remember me mentioning I need a pair of nude heels. Well, enter my new shoes! Mine are actually khaki suede but these are similar and so are these. They are both on sale. Mine were originally $99 but after the additional discount I paid $27.80 including tax! Isn’t that crazy? Yes, crazy good!

Favorite #2 Skin care – this video from Hot & Flashy is so good. If you aren’t familiar with her, she is 55 years old and gives such great advice about skincare and make up. Check her out!

Favorite #3 speaking of skin care and make up I have to share my latest concealer obsession. After watching several videos on Youtube I decided to try this concealer. I love it! The best part is the price, it is so affordable yet really does a great job lightening my dark circles. Mine are hereditary; I’ve had them since I was a kid. What I love about this concealer is that it’s lightweight and doesn’t get stuck in the fine lines and wrinkles in my eye area. Listen, I have an arsenal under my bathroom sink of all kinds of concealers yet this one, under $10 does the trick best!

Favorites #4 & #5 have to do with the St. Patrick’s Day dinner I hosted for my family last weekend. For the first time ever I made homemade Irish soda bread. Not only was it easy but it was delicious too! And, random fact, a cross is made in the top of the dough prior to baking to let out any evil spirits and let the fairies in! Isn’t that fun?
My final favorite was the delicious dessert I found on Pinterest. I used this recipe because there’s nothing like a trifle to serve a crowd. They’re easy to make and virtually fool proof! In fact I have never made a bad one and the girls I used to work with always requested one for their birthdays!

So that does it for this week’s edition! I have done a fair amount of online shopping recently and I’m hoping to share those finds with you next week. Can you believe it’s the end of March already? My baby turns 18 on Tuesday and I can hardly believe it. Here’s hoping you have a marvelous weekend filled with all the things that make your heart happy! I appreciate you stopping by today and hope you will again on Monday!


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