Floral Skirt 5 Ways – Part 3

Here we are at Wednesday already! Woo hoo! Before I get to my 3rd way with the floral skirt, I’ll share a little about things I’m waiting on as part of Royally Waiting. First up is something I won’t be waiting too long for…my son comes home TOMORROW from school for the Summer! I am over the moon excited to have him for almost 4 months.

Another thing I’m waiting on?  An issue with my Bloglovin’ account to be straightened out.  I’ll tell ya what, my blogging business has been one step forward two steps back.  I finally feel like I’m getting the hang of things and then something goes awry.  Currently I am waiting for them to tell me why my posts are not showing up on Bloglovin when they’re published (or soon afterwards).  I’m sorry if you subscribe to my blog through Bloglovin (which I LOVE BTW) and you are not seeing my posts until the next day.  It’s frustrating to say the least.  I’ll keep you posted (lol, except you probably won’t see the post because of this issue).  And now I’m just cracking myself up because I’m slap happy like that, time to talk clothing!

I’m pushing the envelope a little today with some pattern mixing.  I love mixing florals with stripes.  Florals and stripes are two of my favorite patterns (I love polka dots too!). I understand that not everyone if ready to take the pattern mixing leap but I assure you, you can do it!  Be careful with the scale of the prints and make sure the colors go – they don’t have to match just go.  Same color family – yes; Garanimals – no!  Take a look at how I did it :


SSo much sass when you pattern mix, right?  Seriously this is a fun way to add interest to basics you probably already own.  This could work just as easily with a striped tee.  I just happened to love the sleeves on this darling blouse when I saw it at Nordstrom Rack a few weeks ago.  I had ordered a super cute, striped top with bell sleeves from them.  I put it on to wear it to a volleyball game and wouldn’t you know it had tiny holes in the stomach area so back it went.  Of course they didn’t have another one but lucky me I found this gem!

Yes, I’m still wearing my nude heels that make me 6 feet tall and no we’re not going to mention that to my podiatrist when I see him very soon for my next appointment.  Honestly I wear my Vionics every single day to work but my fun shoes when I go out because a high heel girl like myself has to live a little, amiright?

I hope you’ll at least consider wearing stripes and floral together.  It’s a fun way to add new life into what you’ve been wearing.  Come back tomorrow to check out look #4!  If you are enjoying this series and this post please share it with a friend. Check out the links below for pieces to help you create a fun look like this one for yourself.  That’s what’s in This Blonde’s Shopping Bag today, what’s in yours?



Shop here:
Striped Tie Cold Shoulder Tee • LOFT • $29.50
BP. Springs Wedge Sandal • BP • $39.90
Lush Cold Shoulder Flounce Blouse • Lush • $22.97
Melrose and Market Long Sleeve Striped Crew Neck Tee • $19.97
Ten Sixty Sherman Cold Shoulder Ruffle Blouse • Ten Sixty Sherman • $13.78
14th & Union Striped Raw Hem V-Neck Tee • $12.97–14.97
Gibson Striped Criss-Cross Shirt • Gibson • $21.97
Charter Club Cotton Floral-Print A-Line Skirt, Only at Macy’s • Charter Club • $63.99
ECI Floral-Print Pull-On Skirt • ECI • $39.99
Grace Elements Floral-Print Pencil Skirt • $39.99
Charter Club Printed A-Line Skirt, Only at Macy’s • Charter Club • $54.99
ECI Floral-Print Faux-Wrap Skirt • ECI • $34.99
Thalia Sodi Printed Scuba Pencil Skirt, Only at Macy’s • Thalia Sodi • $39.99
Maison Jules Gingham A-Line Skirt, Only at Macy’s • Maison Jules • $49.50
Charter Club Elbow-Sleeve Metallic-Striped Top, Only at Macy’s • Charter Club • $19.98

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