Fall Short

Shorts in Fall? Why not. Especially when it’s 92 degrees outside! I keep hearing it’s been unseasonably warm throughout the country so my guess is Floridians aren’t the only ones not ready to retire shorts just yet.

I could have also called this post “The Time I Matched My Walls” but I decided against it. We are about to begin a huge remodel of our kitchen and painting of our home’s interior. It’s hard to believe these walls have been this same color for 18 years! Definitely time for a refresh and we’ll be going much lighter. Hopefully next time I do indoor pictures things will look very different.

Shorts seemed like the perfect choice on Sunday. My day was filled with a little shopping for my younger son, who, after joining the golf team at school informed me he needed golf shirts, a hat, and clothes for homecoming. TJ Maxx turned out to be one stop shopping for him, we found everything we needed. Good thing too because my husband was with us and actually asked out loud if there was a “trying clothes on room”- yes, it was that bad. And yes, I informed him that they do and it’s called a fitting room. Bless his heart, fish out of water that one. Anyhow, after shopping we celebrated my mom’s 73rd birthday at my sister’s house. The other reason shorts were the perfect choice? I had applied self tanner that morning and I think the color develops better on my legs when nothing’s touching them.

I realized how pasty and pale my legs looked in my posts last week. That’s a situation that needed to be remedied quickly. Thank goodness for self tanner, I use this one. Let’s get onto the outfit though, shall we?

I know it’s not exactly avant garde and trust me I’m not hanging by the phone waiting for the editor of Vogue to give me a ring. I’m sharing this with you because it’s a great way to make your shorts feel seasonably appropriate. Because I was going shopping and had a lot of walking to do I wore my favorite wedges but once it gets cooler I’ll wear my booties.

My shorts are old and I bought this OTS top over the Summer from TJ Maxx.  I’ll link some options for you below since my pieces are no longer available.  In the Fall I opt for longer shorts and in Winter I wear tights with them.  So, yes, shorts are absolutely ok to wear year round (just like white!).
My big “transitioning my wardrobe to Fall” entails changing my purse. This dark brown Michael Kors bag has a little more structure than the cognac one I shared a few weeks ago. It’s funny how my needs in a purse have changed over the years. I used to only like soft, slouchy bags but now I’m leaning more towards something with a little structure. Is it because I’m getting older? Here’s a close up of my accessories. My earrings were purchased last year at The Southern Women’s Show, love them, they are lightweight yet big enough that they don’t get lost in my hair. My necklace is under $10! Get it now, it’s so good and goes with everything. Honestly you’ll wear it over and over again. You know what else? It would make a fabulous gift! No surprises about the bracelet I’m wearing because 9 times out of 10 it’s this one! I am hoping to add another one to my collection but you can’t go wrong with this one.

So when your heart says Fall but the temperature says, “Hang on sister,it’s still Summer” find yourself some longer shorts and pair them with a 3/4 sleeve top and some great accessories. You won’t Fall short in your quest to be fabulous not frumpy!

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