5 Wardrobe Essentials to Level Up Your Style


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As you are well aware, there are no rules to fashion. However, after years of testing and designing, experts have developed the primary possessions that could transform your style from basic to chic. These essentials rely on your style, be it bohemian, sophisticated, or preppy.

The following essentials are not a do or die; they are basic suggestions for starting if you are still struggling to find your style. At the same time, you are at liberty to test out any garment, material, or design until you can find what you love.

Also, note that the following suggestions are for women in their 20s and 30s and above. If you are below this age bracket, it is safe to say that experimenting with whatever you come across is natural. When you get to the above age bracket, you have to create a brand for yourself as you progress in your career.

You have some money to spare at this age as well, and you can spoil yourself with a shopping spree like getting some jewellery from exclusive jewelry shops. The following are the simple essentials you can start with:

A Crispy White Top

While insulation is a neutral that you can wear with any other color down on the chromatography chart, therefore, if you need a top to pair with your beige, black, or red bottoms, white will come in handy. 

Remember, you must keep it sparkling white using bleach for it to look highly fashionable. Preferably, buy silk whites rather than cotton white because cotton tends to get brown with every wash. Also, if a T-shirt is too casual, you can opt for white sweaters or blouses.

A little Black Dress

Just like white, black is the source of all colors, therefore neutral. A black dress is not only slimming to your body, but it hides all imperfections that make you insecure. 

Consequently, it is perfect for any cocktails or office parties. You can pop it on whenever you feel you cannot decide what to wear.

A pair of Heels

A good pair of heels does wonders for your posture and your figure. If you are a beginner, 4 inches is the most comfortable height for a start. 

Heels will instantly transform your jeans and t-shirt into a sophisticated outfit. Please do not refrain from trying any heels that suit your taste, be it boots, strappy sandals, or stilettos.


The term refers to any item you add to the outfit, usually for decorative purposes. These items include your scarves, necklaces, earrings, bags, and belts. 

Add accessories that suit your particular taste and skin tone. However, pay attention to the cohesion with your overall fit. Ensure your metals match and your colors are cohesive for an overall chic look.

Presentable Hair and Nails

Sometimes all you need is to tie your hair neatly and add a polish or a gel to your nails. The amount you spend on nails and hair is entirely up to you, but keep them neat at all times.

Final Thoughts

Looking put together is not rocket science; you can achieve it effortlessly by coordinating your outfit and accessories accordingly. Always have neat hair and nails. Most importantly, take care of yourself through exercising and a nutritious diet.


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