Your Opinion Counts

Opinions, we all have them. Sometimes it’s our opinion that helps someone else make a decision. From what to buy to what doctor to see to what to order on a menu the list goes on and on as to how our opinion influences others. It’s basically what a blog is all about. Think about it, I buy and try and then write about it and then you may buy and try for yourself!

Are you a person with strong opinions? Do others often value your opinion by asking for your input? Would you like to get free stuff? Wait, what? Free stuff? Yes, that’s right. All through Influenster .

It’s super easy to get started just click here and complete your profile. The profile is basically a list of questions about you and your lifestyle. Then sit back and wait for your Voxbox to arrive! Once it does you’ll get information as to how you can try out the products and share your opinions. You get to keep the products and there is absolutely no fee involved!

I’ve received two Voxboxes so far. Here’s the first:

You can see the box is filled with a little bit of this and that which makes it so fun! I was able to try things that were new to me and a few I really liked and would purchase on my own. I really loved this:

I had been looking for a hair mask that wouldn’t weigh down my fine hair. This mask by Eva NYC smells delicious and rinses out so well without weighing my hair down. My hair felt smoother and looked shinier after using it.













I have used some Origins products in the past and this did not disappoint. If you’re familiar with the brand you know the products are top notch and as they say, “powered by nature”. I used the serum in place of my usual one for two weeks. While I liked it just fine I prefer my Vichy Life Serum . It’s less expensive and I love the scent.













This product was new to me, Fit Tea offers a line of detox products and I was thrilled to get the 14 day detox for free! It was easy enough to use and at first I was a bit skeptical but after drinking it (on an empty stomach) each morning I understand how it works. I’ll spare you the details but lets just say if you suffer from irregularity you should buy this. It will in fact get rid of any bloat you may have.  This is a product I will definitely purchase.













I enjoyed the chocolate mint Balance bar and would consider purchasing these myself. Honestly I don’t eat many bars but this one had a good taste and good nutrition.

I also received Welch’s fruit roll ups. I have never in my life eaten a fruit roll up so I gave them to my son Collin. He enjoyed them!

And now the second one (and I should mention if you look closely at the photos of the first box and now the second you’ll get a sneak peek of my new kitchen counter tops): Yes, that’s my second box. It had only one item – Hefty Microwave Strong plates. These babies will be headed to work with me. So far I have used them once and the plate held up very well in the microwave.

I should mention the more active you are on social media the better. There are lots of Voxboxes that include great items, like cosmetics and hair products. Admittedly I am not very active on social media, clearly I’ll need to up my game but it is something I struggle with. I always feel like I have nothing to say!

So are you ready to share your opinions in exchange for free products? If so, check out Influenster and get started!


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