Winter Uniform

Happy Wednesday friends!  It is officially Winter and here in Florida that means I’m looking to wear multiple lightweight layers on a daily basis. I love lightweight layers because they can easily be shed as the sun warms us up.  Usually I end up reaching for denim, a camisole (similar)or tank, and a long cardigan or duster. My duster is from Shein ,this one is similar and very affordable too.  Always in search of comfort, booties (under $60) are generally my shoe of choice.

I wore this outfit on Friday and added a scarf at night when it got just a few degrees cooler.  Later this week it is supposed to FREEZE and of course when that happens I’ll adjust accordingly but most days this Winter uniform works just fine!
This duster is very lightweight and I love how flowy it is. I know I’ve mentioned it before but it seems every single time we take pictures the wind kicks in. I am not complaining because it’s working for me as I showcase this duster. I’m wearing the newest addition to my Old Navy denim collection. I’ve owned distressed denim in the past but got rid of them, mostly because the rise was too low and the distressing got to be a little too well, distressing – pun intended! This pair has just the right amount and the rise is higher #thankheaven. This pair has an even higher rise if that’s your pleasure. I love my new Tom’s booties (under $60) too. In fact I have declared Tom’s to be the most comfortable brand of booties I’ve owned. I’ve ordered several pair from other brands but back they always go!
There aren’t too many places that you can get away with wearing a camisole in Winter but if you live here you understand. Easy peasy layering!
Just because I love talking about the weather, I’ll share with you that we shot these pictures over the weekend. On Monday it was rainy and dreary and a cold front arrived. The sun is not really shining so we’re staying pretty cool (read freezing if you are a Floridian). The funny thing is we don’t know how to handle it. Very few of us own coats and there are plenty of people still walking around in shorts because they keep thinking the sun is going to come out and we’ll sweating in a matter of minutes. We have the heat on, a fire burning and I am trying to cram all my cold weather clothes into the next few days because it will warm up again over the weekend. Isn’t that crazy?
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Make today amazing my friends!

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