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Imagine having a shopping assistant to do all the leg work for you, you know, track down where to buy want you want as well as where to get the best deal. Wishful thinking, huh? Today your wishes come true because that very assistant can be yours with just the click of a button. Wikibuy is not a retailer but a website and Chrome Extension. It’s sole purpose is to connect you with products you love at the best possible price.

I had heard about Wikibuy so when they reached out to me to see if I was interested in collaborating with them it was a no brainer. I only want to share the best services and products with you all. Wikibuy is something I use myself and urge you to do as well. It’s simple and an easy way to save money. Since installing it as a Chrome Extension, every time I shop online (almost daily btw) it finds me the best discount codes. It is actually pretty amazing and unlike any other service I’ve ever used.

Wikibuy gave me a budget of $75 and let me pick out anything I wanted. Yes, that was a dream come true! I chose this Kendra Scott cuff bracelet. It’s something I’ll wear everyday – I love Kendra Scott pieces! P.S. If you like my top you can get it here!

So pretty, right? It literally goes with everything!

Obviously I am super impressed with wikibuy and I hope you are too! I snapped a few pictures with my phone while it was working it’s magic during one of my online shopping excursions. I’ll tell ya, it’s nice to know I’m getting the best deal when I head to check out and that I didn’t miss out on a code I wasn’t aware of! Yes, it even works on Amazon and yes, I bought that kimono!It goes through all possible coupon codes right in front of you, you do nothing but watch!Bam! Money saved!

I hope you enjoyed this and that you’ll check out Wikibuy. You should also know that they didn’t ask me for a full post about their services only a mention. I decided it deserved it’s own post because I was so impressed with the service. Wikibuy isn’t a referral service, so I am not compensated in any way if you decide to use it. I thank Wikibuy for inviting me to work with them and for saving me money!

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