Why Blazers Are My Favorite

Why Blazers Are My Favorite

Oh beloved blazers, how I love thee! Today is all about my long time love of blazers. It started in 5th grade when a classmate called Patty wore one. The year must have been 1977 or 78 and she rolls into class in a straight up suit. I remember it vividly and was blown away – I should have asked her where it came from but I was awestruck and said nothing. Merely admiring it from afar but it certainly set the course and over the years blazers have remained a go to. I have narrowed the list down and today I am sharing why blazers are my favorite.

Reasons to love a blazer

Blazers Never Go Out of Style

Blazers are a favorite because they have staying power. They never go out of style. A classic blazer is one you can always depend on. Of course not all blazers are made the same and some will stand the test of time better than others because of the fabrication. But by and large, invest in a decent blazer (the best your money can buy) and you’ll have a piece you can turn to time and time again.

Black Blazer+ Grey Denim + P448 Sneakers
I promise I make my bed!

When In Doubt Blazer it Out

That sounds corny but I couldn’t help myself! But the easiest way to add polish to a simple jeans and tee outfit is to throw on a blazer. It’s such a transformative piece! You start with the most basic outfit formula and level it up just by slipping on a blazer.

Hot Pink Blazer + Denim

Blazers Are For Everyone

Another reason blazers are my favorite is because everyone can wear them. It doesn’t matter if you work outside the home or not, it doesn’t matter where you are going, it doesn’t matter what your age is, or what your body shape is, you can wear a blazer. That’s because this super versatile article of clothing can be dressed up or down. The same blazer can be worn with denim, shorts, leggings, dresses, and skirts. Blazers are not just professional wear – they are for everyone. Look at the transformative power of a blazer – this dress was ho hum and then bam! The blazer pulls the whole look together.

Want to Look Instantly Chic? Add a Blazer

You can throw together an instantly chic look by adding a blazer to a monochromatic base. Think all black, white, or any other color really and throw on a blazer. Wow! Getting dressed can be so much easier when you grab this essential completer piece. The blazer adds structure and elegance.

Glen Plaid Blazer + White Denim
Why is my face blurry? My husband has shaky hands.

The Best Blazers

As in most things, the best blazer for you is the one you feel most confident in. That has a lot to do with fit and color choice. I feel as though I’ve kissed a lot of toads before I found my prince of a blazer. I’ve always been drawn to blazers with gold buttons but that may not be what you prefer. I like a blazer that is somewhat fitted but there are plenty of oversized options if that is your preference.

Fabrication is important no matter what style you are drawn to. In the 90’s I had a beautiful, bright blue blazer, double breasted, with gold buttons. It had a matching skirt (that was a little too short for work) and was made of a linen blend material. It wrinkled often and never laid quite right. I’m older and wiser now and really appreciate the new fabric blends available.

Last year I stumbled upon my favorite blazers online at Walmart. They are not a Walmart brand and the quality, fit, and price was exceptional. Thank goodness so many of you bought them and love them! There are others of course. Some of the best brands for blazers include Veronica Beard, Express, Gibson, and Zara. Express blazers are exceptionally well made, Gibson has some classic styles in lots of colors and everyone raves about Zara blazers. I would love to try one from Zara to compare. H&M makes a great blazer too – I like this oversized version.


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