White Denim and Weekend Wrap Up

A few weeks ago I got a chocolate stain on my white denim jeans that would not come out. I took it as a sign it was time to replace them – they were several years old and had a lower rise. Time to face facts: I can no longer wear lower rise anything – it’s not doing my body any favors and now there are so many better options.
White denim and purple duster
White is not forgiving – stains, lumps, bumps, panty lines – you name it – there’s no concealing it when you are wearing white pants let alone clingy denim. There are lots of options on the market but I seem to like Loft and Old Navy offerings best. I have a pair of Rockstar Skinnies from ON and I like them but they are clingy and I wanted a pair that was a little loose but not baggy. For me this pair worked best (plus size ). Take look at how I wore them for the first time on Friday night for Happy Hour and game night with our friends! Doesn’t my friend Melodie look fabulous?

White denim and purple duster

We’ve been friends since elementary school!

I should mention that Friday was a weird weather night for us – the humidity was low – that NEVER happens. Taking advantage of that meant I could wear one of my very favorite pieces – this purple duster. I just love it! I also wore my wedges and my straw circle bag (love this!).
Farmer's Market
Normally I don’t do a weekend wrap up but I figured why not! Saturday we were up early and went to the Winter Park Farmer’s Market. We had breakfast and then grabbed some fruit and vegetables before heading to the plant vendor. We bought some juniper, ivy, and a hydrangea. I am praying the hydrangea will last! It’s beautiful and the vendor told me it will be fine in this miserable heat as long as it is in the shade by my front door. I am also hopeful that the deer will not come up to the front door to munch on it! Around 7:30 Saturday night we planted our goods – that is the very best time to do yard work.


Fingers crossed I can keep this baby alive!

Our older son has had a heck of a time with his tonsillectomy. The pain is intense and he is still eating all soft, cold food. Our other son had a pool party so between planting, serving and monitoring the party, and tending to our other son we had our hands full.

Sunday was a hard day. My father’s first Father’s Day in Heaven. Ugh. On Saturday we had stopped at my mom’s house and listened to three of the recordings my father made. We purchased voice recorders from Amazon and had him record messages for each of us – as of right now only 3 worked but we’re hopeful with new batteries the others will. It was great to hear his voice but I cried and it hurt so much. Grief is something you can’t avoid, it has to be felt and dealt with and that’s where I am at this point. Feeling all the feels, both good and bad.
Chocolate eclair dessert
I made a dessert I was hoping Nolan could actually enjoy with us. Not sure what it is officially called – ice box cake? Chocolate eclair dessert? Who knows for sure but it is delicious! Layers of graham cracker, vanilla pudding mixed with cool whip, and then topped off with chocolate frosting. We decided we’d go out next week to celebrate Father’s Day when hopefully Nolan can eat real food!

So that’s it for today. I hope you make this day a wonderful one and that I’ll see you back here on Wednesday!

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