What’s Hot Prime Edition

The first Friday of February, how an that be? Many people think January felt long, I agree but now that we’re into the 2nd month I feel 2024 will pick up speed and fly by! Today I am sharing my Prime purchases from January – it’s a Friday Favorites combo!

What’s Hot Prime Edition

We are a family of Primers over here. Seriously, something is always being delivered! In all honesty I am the only who makes fun and interesting purchases – really! Need proof? My husband’s last two were body lotion and cream peroxide developer. Go ahead and thank me now for sharing only mine. Ha!!

January Prime Purchases

I actually purchased this bag on December 29 but I haven’t shared it yet. Metallics are still trendy this year and I have a pair of silver loafers. The bag made sense! It has 2 different straps, it’s a good size and good quality. This is not something I wanted to spend a lot on and this bag looks an awful lot like one from Coach.

Just yesterday you saw my puffer vest and my varsity striped sweater. Those were the only two fashion purchases I made but they are both solid, good purchases.

Searching for a body lotion that doesn’t leave my skin feeling greasy and that dries quickly came to an end when I grabbed this one! I really like it! I was encouraged when I shared it on my Instagram stories and it got the seal of approval from other women who use it! The Amazon price was cheaper than Target.

This cup is due to arrive tonight and I cannot wait. After using the same cup for over 10 years I finally decided to grab a Stanley cup. A few things about it I didn’t like: the handle, the weight, all the hype. Then the whole thing with the iron. That was enough for me to return it to Target. I don’t believe the lead would poison me; it was more of a disappointment that they used it at all.

Probably the BEST purchase made in January was this bar cart! It’s one the whole family agrees with! We hosted a dinner party on Saturday night and it was so handy. It was easy for my husband to put together, it has wheels, and it holds ALOT! I highly recommend!

That wraps up what’s hot Prime edition for this month. I hope you saw something you like. As a reminder, I link up with Tanya on the first Monday of the month for Prime Purchases.

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