What’s Hot from Amazon

Amazon has become one of the first places I turn to when I need to buy something. It’s just so convenient and I find it so easy to shop multiple brands and options. Lately it seems I’m less interested in Amazon fashion and more interested in products for my home. I’ve compiled a list of what’s hot from Amazon to share with you. These are the best purchases from the last two months.

What’s Hot from Amazon

In the Kitchen

Topping my list are these two products I use on the daily. The first is this air popper that works in the microwave. I am crazy obsessed with how well it works and how it folds up for easy storage. Thanks to my friend Amy, I use this spray butter. It makes the perfect afternoon treat!

I also find my self using this food chopper all the time. Listen, I used to sell Pampered Chef and have so many choppers and slicers but none works as well as this one. One of my favorite Tik Tok influencers showed it and I immediately ordered it. It works perfectly! This would make such a great gift for anyone who cooks but also for anyone who is a little older or who has arthritis.


I recently got a new prescription for contact lenses and now I can wear fun and fashionable sunglasses rather than the prescription pair. These are fabulous and just under $15. Amazon is a great place to shop for fashionable yet inexpensive sunglasses.

My mother wears 3 necklaces daily and complained about how easily they tangled. I found these and split them with her. She loves using this clasp and how much easier it is to put the necklaces on and take them off each day. On top of that they no longer tangle. Again, I am thinking this is a nice gift for someone who struggles with fine motor skills due to age or something else!

Odds and Ends

My closet is in constant need of an overhaul as far as organization goes. I am hoping these will be the answer to my shoe situation and save some space.

One of the goals I recently set is to get at least 10k steps each day. It means I must intentionally go for walks since I work from home and sit on my rear most of the day. All the walking outside meant it was time to get toe socks to keep from getting blisters in between my toes. I wear these socks with my Balega socks. Yes, double socks. I have lots of foot issues but this seems to do the trick!


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Your Turn

I’ll admit I am starting to jot down ideas for Christmas. I seem to be at a loss when the time comes but there are so many things I buy throughout the year that I love that would make great gifts. How about you? Any hot purchases from Amazon lately? Check out Tanya’s link up for more inspiration and ideas!

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