What’s Hot February 9

The Friday before Super Bowl and Valentine’s Day calls for a whopper of a what’s hot post! But, the week had other plans so I’m writing this post Thursday morning and hope you enjoy it!

What’s Hot February 9

How fortunate that both teams in the Super Bowl have red in their team colors! Are we dressed for football or Valentine’s? Here are a few ways I am wearing red (shared on Instagram). My cozy red cardigan feels so soft! I’ve also pulled out my red blazer – you know the one I own in 6 colors.

Honestly, I don’t own a lot of red but I really like the few pieces I have. I look best in a blue based red so if you do too – then these pieces are for you!

Hot New Shoes for Spring

If you have been here awhile you know my love of a good shoe, specifically Vionics. I swear by them if you have Plantar’s Fasciitis or other foot pain. Actually I think wearing them helps to prevent PF as well, Anyway, I have recently discovered some very cute, affordable and comfortable shoes for spring. Both mimic higher end shoes and get this – they actually feel good on my feet. I am so very impressed and could have sworn that the flats were genuine leather. I swear they feel like it!

This silver heel is the perfect height and a nice way to participate in a trend without spending too much. They run TTS.

What’s Hot in My Coffee Cup

Over the last two months I started noticing that my coffee seemed to upset my stomach. It seemed like it was too acidic perhaps? I switched to tea for a bit until I could research a good, low acid alternative. As much as I enjoyed tea I am way too impatient for the steeping process. I know, I know. BUT when I walk in the door at 6:30am after having worked out, that cup of coffee is so welcoming! I ordered this one, it arrived and I have been enjoying the heck out of it this week. So far so good!

In Other News…

I am hoping my car will be ready early next week! I cannot wait to get it back. Today marks 3 weeks since the deer accident. Gheesh!

Our son left last Saturday. We went out Friday night to enjoy one last dinner before the big move. I miss him terribly! Not that I needed him to live at home but I sure wish he lived close by. Trips to Philly will undoubtedly be in our future but it’s not the same. In addition to that, our younger son has decided to go on a month long trip through school to Southeast Asia. This means we will see much less of him this summer than we had anticipated.

On Sunday night we had a hail storm. It was fast and furious as it blew through and dumped a TON of hail on our home. We have a lot of damage to our screen enclosure that surrounds our pool. Today we have someone coming to check out our roof. We are already in the process of doing some big projects outside – having our house painted, replacing all of our landscaping, and getting a new garage door. Additional repairs will most likely be added to the list! Ahhhh…the joys of home ownership!

I visited a new general practitioner on Monday and really enjoyed the appointment! She was so nice and personable, acted like she had all the time in the world for me which was so nice. On Monday I’ll have a Dexascan and I made an appointment with my gyn to discuss hormones. My schedule is filling up with appointments but I don’t mind. My health is important to me and I want to stay on top of things!

This weekend I have fun Saturday plans with my sorority alumnae group. We are making bath bombs at Buff City and then having lunch afterwards. I cannot wait! I feel blessed to have this group at this stage of my life!

Do you have any fun plans this weekend? Are you watching the Super Bowl? Plans for Valentine’s Day? Do tell!

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